King Lizard

Interview date

31 Aout 2013




Interview King Lizard (face to face)

Hello guys, can you introduce the band to those of us who are not familiar with it?

King Lizard is a hard rock band which plays classic rock with a modern edge. it talks about real life and we have a good time.

So I guess it's a basic question but where does this name come from?

I was trying to think of something big and monstruous. And I thought about the Godzilla character, and it sounded too Japanese. Then I thought about the fact that Godzilla really means King Lizard, I thought so, because apparently it doesn't [laughs]. But anyways, that's where it comes from.

So did you come to the French Riviera with your family or just the band?

Just the band.

Is it your first visit to this area?

In Nice yes. Lee was here when he was a child for Carnival.

How has the organisation of the festival been so far?

Very good! Well organised, good food, nice hotel, people are taking good care of us.

How did you get invited, do you know?

We got booked by our agent, 106DB, led by Dominique Berard. He is also the agent for Bloody Mary.

It seems like summer festivals are an important game for bands nowadays?

Totally yeah! We did some and have two more to go this summer.

So do you prefer to perform at a festival, such as this one, or for a longer time at smaller shows, when you are the headline act?

It depends, we did Motorcultor last year and this was the best gig ever. So much fun, a large audience, open air, it's brillant. There is usually a much better vibe. But it varies, sometimes you get a very small show in a low profile place but it's the right evening and it's full like this show we had in the Fox. So it really depends, but as soon as there are people, then it's fine, like tonight we are going to fuck the place you know... 

Did you prepare a special setlist for this event?

Yes we did. We added some extras. We have two albums now, so we have to pick the best ones from each.

Is it more a way to promote the band or your latest album?

Yes of course. It's the best platform to make your statement. For better or for worse actually. If you are not that good, then it's not going to work but if you are good, then you have a chance to get more fans. It's all about exposure. So the more festivals the better.

We liked very much this album and gave it a great review, did it work commercially?

Yes. Although I don't think we leveraged it enough promotional wise. it could be bigger. We are still on a learning curve like most bands. It's not something to be ashamed of. We are learning as we go, but we are pretty happy about it. Sales have been good, because the album is really good, so we can nearly live from our music today. We are making good money but we are also trying to look at it as a business, so it's really company's money.   

Do you have any other dates for the summer?

Yes we have some more dates to promote this latest album. Switzerland, UK...

What are the plans in the coming months for you guys?

We are writing right now and we are very excited about it. By the end of the year we will know when we're going back to the studio.

And finally, do you want to say something special to our readers?

Yes, I'd like to say: j'adore regarder les filles ![laughs] Hey long live rock 'n' roll, check us out, turn it up and bang your head!

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