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14 novembre 2013




Interview Steve Asheim (by email)

Hi Steve, I am a longtime fan, way back when you were doing the first Deicide album. As you can see, my ID here at “Aux portes du Metal” is Deicide5000... just because you have the ultimate band name. This is now obvious why I’m the lucky bastard who got offered the opportunity to interview your band.

Well thank you, I appreciate that. So does the rest of the band, I'm sure.

If I’m right, this is your eleventh album. Can you share with us what’s special about this album?

Yes our eleventh. I don't know, they're all special when you first put them together and put them out. It takes a little time to see how they're received and how they sit with people after a while. Then we'll know how special it is. But personally I think it's pretty good. It can stand up to any of our back catalog and anything out today, so I think it's good and heavy.

You asked Jason Suecof (All That Remains, Trivium, Death Angel) to produce this album. How did you decide he would be the chosen one?

From talking and hanging with him while we were doing our "Order Of Ennead" records out there with Mark, he mentioned how he grew up listening to Deicide, he scared his mom with us, his favorite album by us was Legion, and that he knew in his head how our next record should sound. And that was enough for me.

Can you tell us about the production process on “In the Minds of Evil”?

Actually it was really cool, for me anyway. I'd been doing so much production over the years, I just wanted to focus on the drums. So I just worked up until tracking day, did my thing, then let the guys all do their thing and I didn't really listen again until it was all done. It was cool, it gave it a new feeling for me, like when I listen to some other band.

Who wrote the new songs? Did Kevin Quirion your new guitarist take part in it?

Yes, he has a ton of material. He writes all the OOE stuff but that is a bit different sounding from us. So we just used his most "Deicide sounding" stuff and put it together. And we all worked on them together and put our own stuff in as well. It was a good band effort and a great experience.

Did you infuse new influences in this record?

Not really, our style is so ingrained in us, it's practically set in stone. So no matter what's happening currently I think we are recognizable as us.

What did you try to achieve with this album? More speed, heavier stuff... some melody?

We always strive for more speed and heaviness, at least I do. Guitar wise I like to hear what the fellas will come up with. They always do an interesting job.

Is there a change in the way you play on this record?

No, I think I always just try to be as heavy as possible in whatever musical environment I find myself in, it's a simple goal but an effective one.

Are you pleased with the overall sound and more specifically the drums sound?

Yes I'm pretty happy with it, Jay did a great job and I hope we can do another one together. He's got a great ear for what we do.

Will there be a supporting tour for this album? Will you come visit your French fans?

Yes, we're gonna let the record circulate a bit then tour Europe in March I think, and of course with stops in France. And we hope to tour more extensively as well.

I had read that a while ago, is it true you receive hate mail from Christians?

We receive hate mail from all kinds of people, just part of what comes with it I suppose .

Can you share with us what you guys do on the side of being Deicide?

Well we all just kind of do our thing whatever that thing may be at that time. What ever kind of ventures or misadventures, it's just too broad in scope to go into but we all have our things we enjoy and that's what we do.

Well, thank you Steve for answering our questions. Do you have a last message for your French fans?

Yes thank you all for your years of interest and support and we'll be back soon with some gigs and lots of songs from the new record to play live.

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