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23 Juin 2019



Interview Alien Weaponry

Hi guys, thanks for taking the time, we are the French Webzine and we will publish this interview in French and in English. First of all can you present Alien Weaponry to our readers?

Henry: We are Alien Weaponry, we are a Thrash Metal Maori band from New Zealand. Maori is the indigenous language of our country.

Can you explain the band's name?

Lewis: That name actually came from the movie District 9. When me and Henry formed the band, which was about 2010, we were watching that movie, and of course there is a lot aliens and weapons so we came up with that name because it sounded cool.

Which band would you mention as some of your influences?

Ethan: We listen to a lot of different music. Me and Lewis are into a lot of old Metallica and also Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band that really got me into metal is Lamb Of God, and also Gojira. I also listen to a lot of drum & bass. I listen to anything except country [laughs].

I read that you guys had Maori origins, is this correct?

Henry: Lewis and I have Maori family in the center of the North Island. So it’s a bit part of our culture and we feel very connected with that side of our heritage. That’s why we decided to sing in Maori and not in Dutch which is the other language in New Zealand. We feel more Maori than we feel Dutch.

New Zealand is more famous for its rugby than its rock bands. What does the metal scene look like over there?

Lewis: It’s a pretty small country, so as far as metal goes, there isn’t much. We have a very supportive and loyal metal community but it probably not even the size of this festival. There are some bands but it’s really hard to get noticed overseas. We are very lucky. There is Devilskin which was a very big influence for us in New Zealand. There is Seas Of Conflict, we toured with them on our last New Zealand Tour, they are an awesome band. We know a lot of bands from New Zealand and Australia. Copia, from Australia is another great band.

It’s certainly a long trip to get to Hellfest, are you ok so far away from home?

Ethan: oh yeah. And it felt like the longest trip was from Copenhagen to here. It was a twenty hour drive, no stops, trying to get some sleep. So yes we are pretty much on the other side of the world from home.

So you played Hellfest, 10:30 on Sunday, how was it from the Mainstage?

Henry: Honestly I could not have asked for a better show and a better crowd. I was blown away by how awake everyone was. It was 10:30 in the morning and people was doing massive circle pits and walls of death. Man that’s dedication right there! I just want to say that I appreciated everyone that came out, that was awesome.

What do you think of this festival and its organization?

Henry: So far it’s been amazing, and certainly living up to everything we were told about the festival. We had a great time, and we hope to get some more while we are here.

Are you going to see some good concerts while you're here?

Henry: I think so.

Ethan: We are hoping to get some backstage passes to go see Slayer. That would be great!

Lewis: Slayer, yeaaaahhhhhh!

In terms of music, I was only able to listen to "Tù", which I really liked, and got a favorite of the week on our site. What was the feedback for this first album?

Henry: The feedback we had from this album was amazing. We expected it to do ok, but it’s been completely crazy since we released it. I cannot believe it. I really appreciate everyone who picked up a copy or reviewed it. It’s also worldwide, we now have a huge fan base in the US, and here in Europe. We are hoping soon to go to Asia.

But you have a new album out, I believe, called "Ahi Kà". Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Henry: "Ahi Kà" is actually a single. We are hoping to release the album soon, but the single is available on Spotify. We are still writing material for the album.

What does "Ahi Kà" means?

Henry: It means “my burning home” in Maori.

Do you consider yourself as a politically active band?

Lewis: I’d say yes, but we are mainly providing commentary on things that happen in New Zealand.

Henry: We write about things that we are passionate about.

Now that you are in Europe, do you have other dates planned in France?

Henry: Yes we have two dates in France. We will play in Paris and in Toulouse.

What else is in the pipe?

Henry: Mainly our new album to be released early 2020.

Thanks for your time, I’ll leave you with a last word for our reader…

Lewis: Keep it true, keep it metal, don’t be a dick [laughs]

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