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Juillet 2009




Interview Nergal

Hi,thank you to answer my questions for

You put the making of Evangelion on your myspace. Why?

Just to give people insight in how it looks behind the scene...I mean, it's cool if people know what's goin on in the studio. I like it when my favourite bands do this you know. The feedback is always super positive so...I think we must be doing good job!

Can you explain us the artwork of your new album?

I was inspired by this New testament story about harlot of Babylon. The story comes from The Book of Revelation and is allegory of evil. The Whore represents the female aspect of Antichrist. We kinda played a lil bit with the meanings and symbols...added few elements, changed some so we made it more...unique and ours. I'm very proud of this cover. It looks epic!

How do you work to make an album? Did you change your way of working this time?

Hm, not really...usually I sit on my own with the guitar and jam out new stuff, new ideas. When I have a scratch of of the new song in my head I try to develop it or bring it to the rehearsal room so we can work collectively on arrangement. We spent 3 months working in the rehearsal room. Then near 3 months tracking it down in Gdansk, our home town. Then material flew over to England where Colin Richardson mixed the record.

What are the main inspirations of your new album?

It's always the same This is the biggest source of inspiration. It can be anything really. I read a lot, I travel all around the globe in search for new ideas and stuff...I see internet as an limitless source of cool info that can give me some ideas to start the song...anything really. Of course other's peoples music can inspire me a lot too.

You are gonna be on tour with DevilDriver in autumn. How did you meet them?

We toured for the first time during Ozzfest 2 years ago. They came on stage everyday before us, and made it pretty fucking difficult to follow them haha. It's a very good band, super solid, with lotsa groove and hell of stage experience. It should be diverse and exciting tour!

We can guess that your lyrics are about Satanism and against the religion. Is there other subject that you approach?

I talk about general. I have my ways of viewing the world. I'm sure it's pretty limiting to call my life philosophy satanic or whatever. It's way more than that. Not that I reject Satanism...I honestly think it can be an inspiring tool in order to make yourself strong and happy individual but I really look further than that...we can exist on several levels. Satanism can be one of them.

Since 1991, your music has changed; it turned more to death metal, whereas you played black metal. How do you explain it? Is that a natural evolution or did you choose to change?

Of course it is natural...we never sit around and plan what we should do in order to make our sound...death metal or maybe thrash metal...that would be stupid, don't you think? I'm sure we managed to create our own genre. Slayer plays Slayer's music same as Iron maiden plays Iron maiden's music. And so Behemoth plays Behemoth's music. We are beyond categories that why so many people are confused when trying to label us or put in a certain box.

Today you go all around the world to play in a lot of country and you won the Best Underground Band price at the metal Hammer Golden globe 2009. When you started, did you expect this career?

Not at all. First of all you have to know that we've never been into this music for awards or anything like that. It was love and passion that made us play in Behemoth. We wanted to be a part of a Black metal underground coz we shared same ideas, and we truly embraced this genre.

Your are one of the first extreme band in the countries of the East Europe. Why did you want to play metal, what justified this choice?

As I said before, in 91 I decided to start my own black metal band. I was inspired by bands like Samael, Necroschizma, Blasphemy, beherit, mayhem and so on...I was in love with them. I wanted to be a part of it. This music was in my veins and I was desperately looking for an outlet to channel my emotions. That's it.

You have the reputation of a dangerous band, do you think that is a good advertising for you or on the contrary it pushes back people?

I don't give a fuck. We are who we are. Serious and honest extreme metal band. No pretending, no gimmicks, pure music. That's it.

In France there is a metal festival, the Hellfest. This year on Facebook some people are trying to stop the subsidy because they are against this kind of "Satanic meeting". What would you answer to them if you could?

Fuck'em! We love Hellfest. It�s one of my all time fave festivals. We're coming back next year I'm sure! Already can't wait! Get ready!

Have you got something to say to your French fans?

Yes, thank you for your time and dedication. You guys have always been with us no matter what. France is one of the most important markets for us and we are perfectly aware how big following we have over there. We owe you so much and We'll be comin back this falling spreading Evangelion! Stay tuned!