Interview date

Mars 2009




Interview Marc Toretti

Hello! Thank you for giving some of your time to answer to this interview for the French Webzine aux portes du metal.

This year, you release your forth album, "New Shores". What did you wanted to say with the artwork you choose, which is very special?

The artwork based on the title track "New Shores". There are points in history or even in everyone's' life, when you have go to new shores. Leave the "old world" behind you and explore new things. We had a lot of changes during the last year - new record company, the guitarist Andy Leuenberger left the band and the separation with our management. I think, all these things are reflecting on the turn-out of the concept of the artwork and lyrics.

Which are the mains subjects of this new album?

Lyricwyse there are a lot of different themes. Some lyrics influenced by movies or books like "My Hardest Walk" or "The Chosen Ones". With the track "The Incredibles", Andrea wrote lyrics for an actual subject like the pollution of our world. And of course some more personal stuff like "Farewell My Love" or "Heart Of A Lion".

On your previous album, you've worked with John Payne. He sings again on the song "Farewell My Love" on your new one. How did you meet him and how was it to work with him?

Unfortunately we didn't meet him personally until today - we always had contact by mail or phone. He lives in the USA, so he recorded his parts in his own studio. But he is real friendly and gentle person. And of course he has an incredible voice, which fits perfectly together with Andrea.

Sasha Paeth is your producer. What kind of work can he supply to you that the others producers can't?

Sascha knows exactly what we want and how it has to sound. Over the last years the band became real good friends with the Gate studio crew. It's a absolutely relaxed atmosphere to work with them. And he is real open soundwyse, so he gives us a lot of good advices on our songs.

There are several ballads or pop rock songs ("Heart of a Lion" for example) on this album. How can you explain this musical inspiration?

Our keyboarder (Alex Seiberl) is the main songwriter on this album. His bandwidth of bands he listens to is very big. He is a big fan of movie scores and has also a soft spot for pop and rock music. I think, when he writes songs, then all this reflects in them.

In general, what inspire your music and your lyrics?

I think, life in general. There are a lot of things going on this planet, so there will always be something to write about. And of course movies and books are also a good inspiration.

You're coming from Switzerland, a country that is close to three different countries, which have different cultures. How does it influence your music?

I'm not sure, if this influences directly the music. Probably we are more open-minded because of this and are not afraid to mix different sounds and styles.

For a lot of people, a female vocalist in a symphonic metal band has to be an opera-singer. Andrea is not one of them: do you think it's one of the best points of your music?

Well I speak for myself, I love more the traditional female rock voices. Of course there are some really good bands with opera singers, but we were never like this. People always tried to compare us to Nightwish - which is a compliment for us, because they are a great band. But we never were similar except that we also have a female singer in the band. But I think, people need always something to compare with - otherwise is hard to describe a band. Andrea's voice is surely one of the most important parts of our sound. And on the new album are a lot of new facets of her voice and I like that very much.

For some people your music is too metal, and for others it's too pop or rock. Isn't it difficult to seduce a deep audience is this case?

That's probably true. But we make the sound we like and if there are people who like it, then it's great. And if you are open-minded, you will find a lot of interesting aspects in our sound.

You are the new guitar player and you already worked with the band. Did they asked you to come into the band since the beginning of their guitarists' research?

No, they did not ask me directly first. Alex told me, that he didn't want to ask me, because he knew that I had a lot of things going on with my other bands. But when he asked me, if I could help him with some riffs during the pre-production, we talked about the gig at the Rocksound festival 2008. They were booked but had no lead guitarist. I wanted to help them and that was of course a challenge for me to learn all these songs within a short period of time. We had such a good chemistry on stage together - and also besides - that we agreed that it would be the best thing, if I'll join the band permanently.

You will give some gigs in Switzerland. Do you plan to do a European tour?

We are working on it. With our new record it would be really great, if we could tour through Europe as a support act. We all would like to do that.

Will it be a consecration for you to play in the Metal Female Voices Festival?

This would be an honour if they would ask us to play there. They always have a good billing for the festival. So hopefully they will ask us someday...

This is the interview's end. Do you have something else to say to your French fans?

Thank you all for your support and buying our albums. And hopefully we will meet on tour in France soon!!