Interview date

June 2006


Yann G


Hi Jennifer. Thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the new french metal Webzine http://www.auxportesdumetal.com/

Can you please describe us your projects and activities since the release of "Above, Below and Beyond" in the 90s ?

Right after that CD came out I went on my 2nd tour with Michael Jackson. After that tour I recorded the Momentum CD with Glen Sobel and Ricky Wolking. It was a more focused CD with the theme of world beat ethnic influence throughout. I did the 3rd Jackson tour following it's release in 97. With only a few months break after that tour I joined Jeff Beck's band and spent 3 years touring and recording with him.

In which musical direction would you like to go today ? With "Above, below and beyond" your style was really demonstrative as a guitar-hero. With your project "The Immigrants" you were more oriented hard-blues/rock. With "Tribal Momentum" you integrated percussions and tribal rythms. After more than 10 years of maturity, to which style do you want to go ?

The new CD is a completely different direction once again. I was very influenced by being with Jeff Beck. He turned me on to some killer techno and electronica music, so that's the direction I've gone. I'm almost done with my 3rd CD which I've programmed myself. It's all about ear candy, a variety of sounds, and vocal samples as well. It's also very light hearted with lots of comedy.

Do you already know the release date ?

I'm hoping to be done with the mixing by the end of summer. That's the hardest part and so far I haven't found an engineer that can cut it so I'm biting my nails with anticipation.

With which line-up will you play ?

I'm planning on touring alone with backing tracks and film as a multi media event.

Do you already have any ideas on the distribution of this next CD ?

It will be on Steve Vai's Favored Nations label. He's got world wide distribution.

What are your other projects ? A DVD ?

Yes a DVD is in the works but the contents will remain a surprise to see if I can pull it off.

A tour ? Guitar clinics ?

Yes I have guitar clinics around the planet on a regular basis. This year I'll go twice to Japan, Canada in July and UK in Sept.

A new guitar method ?

The idea of doing a guitar method doesn't interest me much.

Appearances on CDs as special guest ?

I'm always guesting on others' CD's. The latest one is a band in Denver Colorado. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. It's a bit of a Whitney Houston ballad. I don't know when it will be released but I'll post it on my site when I know.

What do you think of the guitar-hero style today ?

I haven't kept up with the new folks coming up really.

Do you think that technic is still important for one part of the metal audience ?

Yeah I think that will remain a part of metal

Maybe especially in Japan ?

Japan is sometimes 10 years behind us and still in love with Yngwie and 80's hair.--not a bad thing

What do you think of the evolution of guitar-heroes who started in the 80s such as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen ... ?

I'm happy to see they all still have a loyal following.

With which band/which artist would you dream to play ?

I've already played with my biggest hero so the rest would pale in comparison. I can't think of anyone right now though there are many people I admire.

Which artists do you consider today to be the future of guitar ?

I think we'll see Kaki King carve a healthy niche for herself--very original. Mostly I now listen to other instruments though.

Ron Thal was hired by Guns N' Roses for the worldwide tour. What do you think of this choice to replace Slash ?

I haven't heard the combination but I know he's very creative so it should be a welcome breath of fresh air.

Would you have liked to tour with this mythic band ?

NO! Axl has carved his disposition as a nightmare. It would be a drag to travel with such a bipolar character.

Were you contacted for this ?

NO--it's a pretty macho atmosphere as was Ozzy when I tried to audition for him. I don't think a lot of those bands are open to having a female.

Huge thanks for taking time to reply to this interview and good luck for your next projects.