Interview date

20 Mars 2010




Interview Pawel Maciwoda

This title, "Sting in the Tail", is it a wink to "Love at First Sting"?

You can take it this way, absolutely. But you know, it's a completely new album, with a new concept as much as we play rock, but there are similarities, of course. So we can think this way.

How did you work for it? Did you bring some ideas for the bass?

Actually, the music was written by Klaus, Matthias and Rudolf. And basically, we work step by step. We worked overdubs because I have my bass and there is a lot of guitars track so it took a while. And it was most with overdubs.

On this new album, we can recognize some elements of the beginning of Scorpions. Was it a wish of Klaus, Rudolf and even Matthias?

I think a wish, maybe not but basically if the band plays all its music, if the band writes its own music, that's similar to what it was before. Look to the other bands like AC/DC, they still sound the same, right? It's a trademark of this kind of music. Scorpions are part of this kind of Rock'n roll and hard rock music. So basically, it's very organic and it's real that's why it can be similar to what we use before. And I think it's good.

I heard someone saying that Scorpions did the best ballads, which have been ever done. The new ones are really good too. What is the importance of these kinds of songs?

Well, personally, I think ballads are the secrets of Scorpions. Because they are so powerful and so strong, so good, it elevates the band to another level. The audience likes also the ballads, not only the hard rock songs. It's a very good thing for the band. We have maybe two or two and half ballads on this new album and they sound very nice and I love them, so I personally think the band likes to play ballads.

For you, it was the first time you recorded an album in Europe and not in the USA. What were the differences between these two countries in their way of work?

I see what you mean. I started to work on "Unbreakable" in Hanover and it was a similar work on this one, because we were also in Hanover. So it was very nice. In America, it was different from that. It was a different set-up, different people who we worked with. I also really enjoy California, because it's a nice country and there are definitely rock vibes over there. But to compare, in America, there was a different approach to it, and we sound was maybe less like Scorpions, and now we're back again to the really roots.

The album is about fifty minutes, and when it ends, we just want to listen to it again and again. Was it a goal for you when you recorded "Sting in the Tail"?

I hope so you know! It's a great goal if you can have something like that, if the listener comes to the end of the CD and wants to play it again. That's a success!

What are your favourite songs on this album?

On this one, I have to say "Rock Zone". It's definitely a rock and cool song. I like "The Best Is Yet To Come". I like everything. (Laughs). But there is another song that I really like; it's "The Good Die Young". And I heard it's a number one in Bulgaria already.

This album is really good, do you realise the fans will refuse the end of the band after they will listen to it?

Well, I can feel that coming! And maybe because this album is good and maybe with the success of this album, we may extents for instead three, four of five years of touring. I'm counting on that you know, playing longer than two year so it's my wish as well and my dream to!

The Best Is Yet To Come is the last song of this album. Is there a subliminal message in it?

Well, I think it is. It's about to say "well, may be it's not over yet". It's a little hope.

Tarja Turunen is singing on this album. Why did you call her?

Well, from what I heard, Matthias, Klaus and Rudolf really like her voice, and wanted we play together few songs. And we like how good she is, and that's why they pick her up, because she fits to the level of this kind of music and song. I think this collaboration is very nice, very good.

Normally, this album will be the last one of Scorpions, was it important for the end to end his career on his second top?

Well, I think it's better to leave on the top, you know, instead of being down, and playing less spectacular shows. I think the decision is not bad, but as I say, we don't know what future will bring. Let's hope that we will still keep going on, and doing a real big shows and people will still like us and come to see us. Because it's very emotional, these first concerts of this tour, I can feel that. Something different is going on which is very magical, and that's good.

This week, you play in Prague and Moscow. What was the audiences' reaction when they heard the new songs in live?

The reaction was very good. But some people already knew about these songs, because the album came out earlier in Greece and somewhere else. It sounded like they already know the songs. So it was very nice to practise. And it means the songs are working very well, and they are good and are about to become popular. That's a very good sign.

You will come to Paris in May, you will play in L'Olympia. It must be more intimate than playing in a big concert hall like Le Zénith. Was is a reason why you choose this concert hall?

From what I know, we like these shows, because as you said, it's a very intimate atmosphere and we like to play in places like that. But it's very famous and a very special place to play, that's why we choose it, absolutely. And personally, I really like the vibes of this kind of concerts, it's almost like a private concert (laughs), like you are playing in your living room. (Laughs)

It might be a little bit early to talk about it, but do you think a DVD will be release with this tour?

I think it will be. I'm sure that there are gonna be some cameras with us on the tour and a DVD is coming out.

I don't know if you remember it, but few years ago, you played at the French TV-show, "Star Academy". How did it work, do you accept all the propositions we submit to you for the promotion?

These things are made by the management. We don't have much to say you know. I don't really know who decided and why, but I think the TV shows are important for us. Because people are watching these and it’s kind of export for us.

Ok, yesterday, you played in Taratata (ndrl : A French musical TV show) . How was it?

It was a fantastic show! We were happy with it, because the audience was so hot, so spontaneous, so active and the vibes were phenomenal. I really think that's a good TV show. That was very special, we had a very nice welcome and it's also in live. Playing live on TV, it's different. Because, usually, when you play live, you have playback. And there, it was live it's very cool. It's great!

Do you remember what you think when you joined the band?

It was like a dream becoming true. My goal was basically to join a band like Scorpions, and here I am, playing with a world famous band. And before the decision was made, I had the feeling that I will be the bass player. I don't know how to explain, but there was my life chance and I was like "It has to be me!". And thank God, they chose me! (Laughs).

What's your best memory since you are in Scorpion?

Oh, waow, there are so many of them because we are travelling so much. Things change so fast. But you know, I really enjoy for example when we have day off and we can visit cities like Paris. Walking around Paris, visiting Bangkok, and all those capitals and bigger cities, and sometimes smaller cities are incredible, like some places we play which were very nice. But we met so much nice people as well, there inviting us for diner, there are very nice. We are treating like kings you know. So it's incredible. It's special. I have to say, there are so much, but nothing comes up to my mind right now. But it's generally meeting those people and having the chance to see the places, it's such incredible.

So you have time to visit the places where you play...

Usually, when we have day off, when we don't have to take the plane, I go out and check out the places. Today, I get time, so I think I'm going around, to the museum or something.

Do you have a favourite album of Scorpions?

Well, I like the first three albums of Scorpions, because they were not produced for the music business yet and they were very organic and natural and I do enjoy listen to it. So these first three albums... Of course I like every album which I play on! And of course "Blackout" is phenomenal, "Lovedrive"... I like these albums.

And, which songs do you really enjoy to play during the shows?

You know, I love them all. But I like the ballads. I always have fun to play "Still Loving You"; another one is "Send Me An Angel", which I really love. So I do enjoy the ballads.

If Scorpions really ends, what will you do if your goal was to be in a top band?

It's a good question. I started to work on my own music; I'm working on my own album. I'm working with another guy. I'm writing songs, we are writing together, and hopefully I will be able to release this album at the end of this year. I'm counting also on open for Scorpions few times. The name of the band is Stirwater, like my last name in English, Stirwater. I will promote myself, my band. When Scorpions will be over, I'm hoping my band will be kind of established, with few songs and a good album, and I wish to continue with my own band. So far, I was a session musician for many bands, and I never had my own project. So I will grow up to the point I can handle, having my own band.

It was your other dream to have your band?

Right now it is. So far, the goal was collecting powers with other bands, other composers, and other talented musicians. Right now I think I have enough potential to do my thing. This is my goal for the next two years excepting playing with Scorpions.

To be on the road with Scorpions, it must be something exhausting...

Well you know, this stuff make definitely tired, but that's the job you know. It's how we operate, how we work, and it's a part of the job. You have to travel, and as we are playing around the world, there is a lot of travelling; you spend a lot of time to wait... It's a part of the job, but thanks god, we have taking some few months off in winter. But it was not a rest time for me because I was writing my own music. I constantly played, but at least I didn't have to travel that much.

Do you have something to say to your French fans?

Of course. I wanna wish you all the best! I wish you will enjoy the new album, support us in the concerts. Please come over to see us. Look for my new album when it will come out, and I hope you will like it. It's gonna be on the rock style. I hope a lot of Scorpions' fans will like my music. Just see you soon in Paris and in some other shows in France, because I'm sure more concerts are about to come. I'm sure there is gonna be more cities than Strasbourg and Lievin. coming in, because our manager is working still on other concerts.

Oh it would be great!

Yes because we have a very good audience in France, one of the best. I was surprise you know. I had no idea. But in the last two years, we we were here pretty much, it was great!