Interview date

June 2007


Yann G


Hi guys, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the French metal Webzine
First of all, can you please present us quickly the biography of DAYDREAMER?

Well, all started with Boris and Alain who played with Cedric Dupont (Freedom Call / Symphorce) in a school band. A few bands, line-up changes and ideas later, the Daydreamer sound was born and still carries on. A very diverse mixture of what we like. Just a great combination of all kinds of tastes within the Rock/Metal chambre, if you want so. No trendy rubbish, just pure and authentic music. Sometimes a bit heavy, sometimes slightly mellow; but always full of energy - that's how DAYDREAMER casts its spell on our audience.

You've just released your debut album. Was it difficult to have a deal with a label?

Well, it wasn't as nerve-wracking as we thought it would be, actually. At the beginning we weren't sure how we could set the band into the right spot-light in order to attract a label. We decided to send out about 100 Promo-Packages as a first leg and quickly received some four or five offers. Among them a contract with Escape Music, which we signed with delight since it's very rough for Swiss bands to get world-wide release contracts. Especially with a debut Album !

How would you define the kind of metal you play on this album?

I guess it is roughly a mixture of melodic and prog metal. Add some 80ies riffs and modern floating keys, shake it... et voilà... that's us. We like to call it "fan-fucking-tastic" ;-)! So much fun to play live...

On "I am F...", it seems to me that Jean-Marc's voice is very close to Ian Parry's one. Is Ian one of your favourite singers?

Ian Parry... it's great to be compared with such a talented singer. He is definitely one of JM's idols and influences.

More generally, which influences do you think that this album contains?

Hard to say. Among our own unique imprinted mark, we're told to have some Black Sabbath, AXXIS or Dream Theater-like elements. Not the worst to be compared with. I mean, what you prefer and enjoy in your private life consequently influences your own music to some degree.

Are you closer to progressive or to heavy speed-metal?

We're definitely closer to the melodic/speed metal.

Which themes do you develop in the lyrics?

All kinds of themes. It's mostly about life in general. Sometimes dramatically emotional, sometimes radically funny in some weird ways...

Do you already have any feedbacks from the press of from the public on this debut album? If yes, how are they?

Yes, they're coming in daily. Basically from internet zines, but also form printed and we are very happy with them

Let's tell us more about your trainings. Are you professional or self-learning musicians?

Hmmm. I guess we all started in music school some years ago. But nowadays everyone is learning autodidactically. And within the band, of course. Every member of the band is working really hard on personal skills. Although we're not "professional musicians", we demand pretty much from each other.

The scene of progressive/melodic metal is very full these times. Do you think there's still one place for you?

You know, there will always be room for a good band that manages to entertain its audience. No matter how many bands there are. In the end of the day, it's the audience's decision. We're new to this scene - in an international sense - and some work and energy has to be put in. But I know that you'll call in for an interview again ;-)

You are a Swiss band. The metal success is very Swiss in 2007, especially after the new Samael and Gotthard releases. What is so special in the Swiss metal?

I'm not sure. I'm not particularly a Swiss music fan. I guess it's a certain degree of "internationalism". Not only song writing-wise but also production-wise. Until recently, you could immediately judge an album "Swiss" when listening to it... And there seems to be a trend in the industry for Rock music in general.

How do you plan to promote this album? Any plan for a tour?

Before and especially since the release of the album, the label, the distributors and our promotion agency were busy promoting the record. At the moment, we're planning the gigs for autumn. And there are plans for a tour, but nothing concrete yet.

If you had to convince a reader to buy this new album, what would you say to him?

Make us rich, bitch! Well, let me rephrase that: Dear costumer, please be so kind and have a listen to our record. It's definitely worth the space in your record collection... Cheerio

Thanks a lot for your time.

Thanks, byebye