Interview date

September 2007


Yann G


Hi Big Boy, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the french metal webzine

Thank YOU!!

Can you please present us who is BIG BOY, a short biography ? And why did you choose this artist name because you don't look to be big ?

It refers to my dick. Well, you know it's my band but it's also my philosophy. BIG BOY to me is existentialism. Only you choose who or what you want to be and what you gonna do with your life. I was a mobbed kid who dreamed of becoming a big rockstar like Freddie Mercury. I kinda failed but I have lots of fun anyway.

The artwork of your new release "Hail The Big Boy" looks very gothic. Can you explain us how you chose to design such an artwork ? What did you want to communicate through it ?

Well, it's a lack of phantasy combined with a lot of narcism. I just took a photo of myself.

Some web sites describe your music as "glam-rock". However, a lot of styles are present on your album : gothic, glam-rock, neo-metal ... How would you describe and classify your music ?

Yes, I like categories. Every single band I know claims to be impossible to categorize, which is bullshit of course. Somebody even said we have chanson elements... it's very flattering and although I look a bit like Mireille Mathieu- it's not true. To me it's all Rock N' Roll. But if you say it's neo- metal- glam- goth- rock or pop I'll agree as well.

We hear influences going from HIM, Marylin Manson, Alice Cooper period Brutal Planet to Motley Crue and Queen. Which influences do you think this album contains ? What kind of music are you listening usually ?

I like the Queen part. Queen has always been my favourite band although I would never be so profane to believe we could come close to what they've done. The only existing group that really amazes me each time I see them is Turbonegro. It's one of those bands that seem to have all the answers. Even for the questions that no one has ever asked.

You come from Germany. Usually, german metal is famous thanks to true hard-rock bands with Scorpions, MSG and thanks to electro-metal with Rammstein. Is your style an innovation on the german metal scene ?

Well, thanks for not comparing us to Tokio Hotel. Rammstein are pretty much perfect in what they do and I guess the Scorpions were too. But there's also a lot of other great bands from Germany. I just can't think of any right now... I'd say we deliver the soundtrack for a decent piss- up. If you call that innovative- thanks a lot again, my friend.

The first tracks "Hail The Big Boy", "Get Over It" and "One Good Reason" (which sounds like Oasis) are very commercial. With great videos, they should get a real success on MTV. Through which media do you plan to promote this new album ? What kind of audience do you intend to reach ? Did you already shoot video clips ?

We've done a video for "Hail The Big Boy" but I'm afraid we show too much tits for MTV. I don't think in marketing categories so I couldn't define a target group, like "we wanna reach19 years old loose rockbitches." Although, I guess that's what we subconsciously want. Hah hah hah.

Please tell us how you proceed to compose. Are you the only composer ? Do you jam together with your band or do you compose alone by your own ?

Well no, I try to avoid situations where everybody just starts to play and nothing good ever comes out. I guess I'm pretty disciplined when it comes to writing. I have to be 'cause I'm not one of those people with a zillion songs in their head. I write most of the stuff with my brother who also produces the albums. We just started with the second one so we actually meet in the studio every morning at 10 and work till 5. Feels a bit like going to the office minus a bugging boss.

Under which label is this album released ? How did you get the deal with it ?

Well, no label wanted us. After we've been around for quite a while Ole Kirchhoff, who is this big ass manager saw us and decided to found his own label. It's called Mate In Germany and that's also pretty much what he his. I really like the situation 'cause we have entirely creative freedom.

Do you plan a tour ? Is there an opportunity for us to see you live in France ?

Mmh, we've been on tour with the Backyard Babies last year, played all the important festivals in our genre this year and we're going on our first little headliner tour in Germany and Austria this autumn. France is a top priority on our list though.. I grew up with Louis de Funès movies and seriously love the country since then. Plus I wanna add that Ségolène Royal is one hot piece of ass and she's more than welcome to show up at any gig. She's probably not that busy anyway.

Thanks again for your time.

Thank YOU and lots of love.