Interview date

August 2006


Fab A & Yann G


Hi Andreas, Thanks a lot for accepting this interview for http://www.auxportesdumetal.com/
The previous CD ("Beyond Daylight) was released in 2002. Despite the Andy's solo CD, we didn't have much news from Vanden Plas in France. What have you done during this time ?

We have been very busy by touring and also playing in the theatres different productions - also Abydos which, became a famous musical in our hometown. Beside that, we have had to compose the new songs.

Don't you think it was a little bit risky to be so far from the metal news during such a long time ?

We need always a long time for our next album. But it's just possible to work in that way. Sometimes we need more time because we are busy. But next time we have to release our next album quicker.

Let's talk about your new CD release "Christ O" that remains in the same style of your previous release with a particular emphasis on chorists and orchestral parts. What were your influences and ideas during the recording ?

That's the Vanden Plas style. We work a lot on theatres, so that influences us a lot. But we are still a metal band. We are influenced in everything we ever heard - and we grew up in the 80s with all that bands.

"Christ O" deals with Alexandre Dumas' book "Count of Monte-Cristo", what may seem original for a metal band. How did you get such an idea ?

Monte-Cristo is a great book, a great story. Years ago, we had that idea to use that story as a frame for our lyrics.

Your songs' lyrics are very elaborate, even sometimes spiritual. It seems that your priority goes to the lyrics, am I wrong ?

Andy, our singer is very serious with the themes and the sense of his lyrics and he is a very spiritual man. But both, lyrics and music have the same priority in our songs.

You used to tour often in France where you have a lot of fans. Do you plan to come to France for your next tour?

We have a show in Paris, Elysee Montmartre at the 22. of September 2006. We are planning some more shows in the future, also in France.

You never release any DVD. Will you take the opportunity of the next tour to record any tour DVD ?

We have plans to do that. But till now, we haven't been satisfied with the possibilities to realize that. We need a venue and a date which fits perfect.

Could you please give us some updates about your own personal projects : Gunter with Kamelot, Stephan with Consortium Project and so on ... ?

Personally me, I have recorded for Abydos, Section A, Winterlong and Missa Mercuria.

Do you plan to guest Patrick Rondat for a jam when you'll come in Paris ?

We are good friends with Patrick. So we will see what happens on the 22. of September, I don't know.....

Do you have something to say to the webzine readers ? More generally to the french audience.

We always have been treated very well from the french fans, so we hope that they remember Vanden Plas and we see you all in Paris, Elysee Montmartre at the 22. of September 2006.