Interview date

February 2007


Yann G


Hi, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the french metal webzine
First of all, can you please present us your new LP "Evolution 4.0" ?

Evolution 4.0 is our fourth studio album, as the title implies. In my mind mind it is also a step forward in our music, therefore the word 'evolution' in the title.

It seems that you decided to go to a heavier direction, especially on songs like "Roots Of Anger" and "Swirled" whose rythms are almost thrash. Am I right ?

Yes, definitely. However, we did not plan the musical change very consciously. We just started writing songs that came out a bit heavier than the previous ones, but still sounded like Thunderstone. We liked the direction, and what you have in your hands is end result.

How would you compare it to your previous opus "Tools Of Destruction" ?

I think that already on 'Tools' we were heading away from the generic power metal thing. There are still some elements of that, but to compare 'Tools' to some of the bands we were compared with earlier, is a sign of deafness mostly. So I think that although the new album is definitely different from what we've done before, we were already on the way there on 'Tools'.

With your first 2 albums, you were systematically compared to the scandinavian style of Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica. Do you think that today you have developed your own style and personality ?

Comparisons are always needed in the beginning of a bands career, and one could do worse than being compared to Stratovarius. However, I think that quite early on we developed our own approach to the music, largely of course thanks to our singer Pasi, who has a very distinctive voice that's more akin to singers like David Coverdale than the usual high-pitched power metal thing. Also, our musical influences come from the 70s and 80s, not from the contemporary metal scene. I think that shows quite early in the compositions.

What do you generally think of scandinavian metal ? Can you please tell us names of bands you like ?

I'm very happy that after hibernating for almost a decade, Nordic and Finnish metal in particular have become such a big thing. I can't say I've heard many of the bands, since I'm more into the 70s stuff, but of course I've seen many of the bands live. There's so much great musicianship and music that it's difficult to name just a few. I think Children of Bodom is always awesome and I like In Flames a lot. Both bands are extremely nice guys, too. The Finnish band that I like most at the moment is Kiuas.

Let't talk to us about the recording of this album. Where did you record it ?

We recorded it at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki. Nino is one of the owners and the manager of the studio. We've done all our records there, although 'Evolution 4.0' was recorded at a new, much improved location. It's a great place to work.

How do you organize yourself inside the band to compose ?

Previously we pretty much made songs on our own and brought ready pieces to the rehearsal, but this time we did everything differently. We just sat down and started jamming, which I think brought out some of the best qualities of the band. I hope we keep on doing it like this on the next album too.

Who was in charge of the production ?

Nino Laurenne, our guitarist has produced all our albums, the new included. He's the one who's sitting in the studio from the beginning to the end of the sessions anyway, so it is a natural choice.

If you had to classify your music in one category of metal, which one would you choose (progressive, power, heavy, melodic ...) ?

I'd say we are melodic heavy metal. I'm not into labels much, but I'm glad that we're usually not dumped into the generic power metal fold anymore. There's honestly some embarrassing stuff there that we don't want to be associated with.

Except Thunderstone, does each member of the band have personal side-projects ? If yes, who has which one ?

At the moment we're all working on Thunderstone only.

How do you plan to promote this new album ?

Unfortunately promotion is not up to us, so if you ask me, I'd love to play every corner of the earth, but sometimes that is just not possible. The best thing YOU can do about it is to go and buy our album and demand the local promoter to take us on the bill, hahahahaa. But seriously, so far we are very busy in our homecountry Finland, but are looking up all possibilities of touring Europe in the Fall.

Until now, Thunderstone never released any DVD. Is it part of your future plans ?

We just collected all our material from the four tours we have done and there's a ton of it, so perhaps one day we'll put it together and make a DVD out of it. That one is definitely going to be K-18 stuff!

Thanks a lot for your time.

Thank you!