Interview date

October 2007


Yann G


Hi Gianni, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the French metal Webzine
First of all, can you please present us the band "THE ORDER"?

THE ORDER is a Classic Heavy-Hard rock band from Switzerland and it's a cross between ex-Gurd and Pure Inc. members. The band is located in Bern.

You're Swiss. 2007 is the year of consecration for Heavy metal in Swiss after Gotthard, Samaël, and Daydreamer...How do you explains this? Is the Swiss' objective to become the new country of Heavy metal, replacing Germany?

Well actually Switzerland was always a country with numerous and great Hard-Rock Bands but replacing Germany would be a quite strange thought. I mean Germany is known for very successful Hard Rock and Metal bands so I think it would be difficult replace them. Let's say it this way in our country many bands like this style some because of the money some because they really like the traditional Hard-Rock sound of Switzerland but The Order is in my opinion something that sounds maybe a bit similar but it's far more powerful and heavier and unique.

You play a powerful traditional hard rock. We found some influences of AC/DC, Jorn Lande, Whitesnake, Van Halen in your music. Which influences did you try to insert in these compositions?

I would say Extreme, Skid Row, Dokken, Mötley Crüe and many more from the 70ies and 80ies.

Gianni, can you please tell us more about your career and your professional training. You're singer in PURE INC, am I right?

Well I started my career in Pure Yeast twelve years ago when I was asked if I would like to join the band, which later changed the name into Pure Inc. I never really had a professional training I think if you become a singer you know that from very soon in your young age. I started singing when I was 8 singing was always something very natural for me. I took some breathing lessons to optimize the way of singing and learn how to go along with my voice during the concerts.

Gianni, your voice sounds sometimes like Sammy Hagar. Are you a Van Halen fan ?

Well I don't think that my voice sounds like Sammy Hagar's but it's a great compliment, thanks and of course I'm a Van Halen fan I can't ignore that?

What do you think of the reformation of Van Halen with David Lee Roth?

Well to be honest I think it's just a money based reunion, that's why I don't dig too much the idea but on the other hand I can understand that these guys just wanna rock? though I saw a video and it sounded horrible, sorry. The good days of Van Halen are gone in my opinion and Sammy was anyway one of my favorite singer.

How did you proceed for the recording of the "Metal Casino"? Did you jam together? Or did you work separately on machines?

Mr. Spring (Guit) wrote most of the songs or had the initial ideas then we tried to put those pieces of songs together and make of it a compact album which compared to the first one this was more a band's work an not only a Spring's work.

What is the "Metal Casino"? More generally, what kind of lyrics do you develop in your songs?

In the past I tried to sing more about the bad things in the world, today, though I'm still a bit critical I enjoy writing about the bright side of life too. I think a good mixture is fair enough I try to give the lyrics a balance.

"Metal Casino" is only your second album, however it sounds very professional with a great production. Can you please tell us more about your first album? How do you think you evolved between the 2 albums?

Well it is the second album of the band but that does not mean we haven't done anything before that. We're in biz since many years now and I think it has to sound professional otherwise I would be disappointed. The first album was an adventure now it became a mission, you know what I mean, in my opinion this two albums are some of the best Metal/Hard rock albums Switzerland ever brought to the masses, I'm not joking and you can hear on the second album that this band is a force we didn't evolve we made a rebirth of this style in our country.

Traditional hard-rock seems to be back thanks to bands like Koritni, American Dog, Skew Siskin... Is the neo-metal era over? Neo-Metal? New Metal?

I don't care about the trend, for me is important to listen to the kind of music I like and not worrying about the style but there's always a trend who is actually pushed by the media. I think most of the people just fallow a trend because maybe his friends are into that. It's all cheap publicity, there is the year of the emo or Goth rock a year or two later the year of brit-pop then again ska or what else, I don't care as I said before. I love Rock'n'Roll it will never die that's for sure?

In the review of your album, I compared "THE ORDER" with Koritni. How do you feel with such a comparison?

I don't know Koritni that good, I think I played with Pure Inc. at the same festival somewhere in Germany is it the band from Australia? They sound like Guns'n'Roses am I right? If so then I think we're not far from their style.

What are your projects to promote this album? Is a tour already planned? Is there an opportunity for French metal people to see you live in France?

I guess no I'm sorry. You know there's no much money for that and we can't spend for buy-on shows it's almost impossible but playing in France would be very great maybe with the next album. Everything needs its time

I give you the last words, maybe try to convince the readers to buy "The Metal Casino"?