Head Of Frontiers Records

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April 2007



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Hello Serafino and thank you for the interview. So can you make a quick presentation of Frontiers Records ?

Then sure, Frontiers Records is a label that I started about 10 years ago after I had good success with a small business of cd import and distribution that I have been doing as part time job. The label grew up pretty quickly and in the past years we have been able to release in Europe all the best artists of the Melodic Rock and Hard Rock history. I hope people are familiar with the music we have released during the past years. In all cases anyone interested can surf either on or to to gather more info about our label and our releases.

What was your motivation for creating this label?

I have been myself a big music fan. My dream has always been to make a living with music and since I am not too good as a singer I thought that selling records could be the best way to get involved in the business. Then things took the right turn luckily and here we are !

Frontiers seems to try broadening its panel by signing bands more metal like Primal Fear. Is it a will or just a need?

While Frontiers is mostly know for being a Melodic Rock label, we never decided on purpose not to handle different music styles such as Metal, Progressive or Pop. It is our firm desire to broaden our catalogue also with Metal acts and to have a more varied offer for the fans who are very much open minded.

What is the album you released you're the most proud of?

There are many albums I am very proud of. Sometimes people don't understand how much input we put in certain records which sometimes get unjustly neglected, at least in my opinion. Anyway, what made myself most proud is the Toto album. It definitely was a major undertaking for us and the success that blessed it was really something special.

You seem to be one of the last believing in Michael Kiske. How do you explain it ?

Simple: he is a great singer, he does good music and his records sell good. Also I think he is a very interesting person, under a human point of view and working with him has been so far nothing but a pleasure. You can definitely expect more music from him in the coming years on Frontiers !

What do you think about the French metal scene ?

Frankly speaking I am not too familiar with it.

Do you believe that French bands have a real potential ?

I think that if a band has good songs and good attitude they can come from everywhere in the world. I definitely don't have any pre-conception about where the bands are based !

How do you explain that only few labels are interested by French bands ?

I have no explanation really !

What are the criterion to enter the doors of Frontiers Records?

As I explained above we need to have good songs and good attitude. Nothing else really... However let me say that we are extremely picky when it comes to new bands. So let' say that writing good songs is not so easy...

What do you think about the fact that everything points to the future death of the cd?

I am not so sure about this. I mean, will YOU do without a physical product for the music in the future? Maybe there will be an increase with the digital sales and downloads but in the past few years after a big fall in the sales, we are on a stable levels.

Do you think that it could mean death of the labels?

Do you really think all the artists will be able to self-finance their music? Sure the big names can do that, but what about the new bands? What about the promotion that a label can put behind bands? I have my serious doubts this will be the road in the future.

What do you want (or expect) from a webzine like ?

Fair cooperation and please do not upload promos on the internet before the release dates!

What are the current news of Frontiers Records for 2007?

We have a bunch of cool new signings among which Great White and Crown Of Thorns new cds. Also the new Dokken and the new Timo Tolkki rock opera are expected to be some real highlights for our year.

You got the last words...

Thank you to the French fans and to all the readers. Please support the music and buy Cds (or at least the legal downloads!). Au revoir !