Interview date

January 2007


Yann G


Hi Jim & Toby, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the french metal webzine
First of all, for the french readers, can you please introduce the band shortly?

Well, the leaders are me Jim Peterik and Toby Hitchcock, the amazing rock tenor vocalist. The band is Ed Breckenfeld on drums, Klem Hayes on bass, Mike Aquino on guitar and Christian Cullen on keys.

Your new CD "The Roaring Of Dreams" will be released soon. Can you please present us this album ?

It is a return to the more commercial A.O.R. sounds of our first album and also of vital signs by my former band Survivor.

How would you compare it to your previous CD "The Destiny Stone" ?

The Destiny Stone was a bit of an experiment into the more progressive and epic areas of rock. Some of our fans liked it and others wanted us to go back to the more rock- oriented A.O.R. sounds.

Can you explain us your process of composition inside Pride Of Lions, especially between you and Toby ?

I generally write the songs and produce and take the lower vocals. Toby sings all the amazing stuff !

This new album contains some influences like Meatloaf on "Heaven On Earth" or Queen on "The Roaring Of Dreams".
Do you agree with this ?

I never really thought of this but I can see the Queen influence on the Roaring Of Dreams. As far as "Heaven On Earth" I guess I could see that, certainly Jim Stienman is one of my heroes.

Which other influences did you integrate into this CD ?

I hear some City Boy, some Gary Moore, a lot of Survivor and of course Foreigner on "Astonish You".

For you, which are the components for a good A.O.R. album in 2007 ?

I think : hot punchy sounds, great songs with great messages and a great singer- much as always.

This album contains a lot of ballads. Generally, what kind of themes do you develop in the lyrics ?

It's usually about love. "Love's Eternal Flame" is about a love that transcends time and space and death. "Faithful Heart" is about temptation and "Turnaround" is about infidelity.

Toby : Do you have any other projects outside Pride Of Lions ? Can you please tell us more about them ?

I am a part of the new Genius project and I am very glad to be a part of it. Also Jim may produce an album for me and my sister Tori Hitchcock who you hear for the first time on "Turnaround" that will be a melodic rock christian album. This could happen later in 07. I am also a recording engineer at my integrity studios in Evansville, Indiana. Many of my vocals were done there for this album.

Jim : You're one of the original member of Survivor, a mythic hard rock band in the 80s, famous due to the Rocky movies soundtracks.
How would you compare your experience inside Survivor compared to Pride Of Lions ?

This time around I am actually enjoying it more even though the success doesn't come close. It is about enjoying what I am doing and being with people who support my spirit.

What feeling do you keep about this experience : Nostalgy, Proudness, Regrets ... ?

I am proud of the Survivor legacy and the songs that live on. I regret that it could have been even bigger if the whole band was on the same page.

More and more A.O.R. albums are released by american bands. Which A.O.R. bands do you like ?

I like Train, Five For Fighting, Goo Goo Dolls, Wig Wam (not american).

Did your solo album "Above the storm" encounter a success ? Are you satisfied with the sales ?

Sales is pretty much what I hoped for a niche market release. I never set out to make a survivor album. This is more a personal statement of mine for the "die hard" fans. I personally love it and that whats counts to me the most.

If you had to record it again, what would you change on it ?

I am satisfied.

The sales of CDs drastically decreased this year, maybe due to MP3 downloading. What do you think about this ?

It sucks but the main thing is getting your music out to the maximum number of people. Money comes later.

Don't you think that the CD could be obsolete in a short future ?

I hope not. I got so many racks to hold them, !! plus I like the artwork !

If you had to convince one french metal fan to buy "The Roaring Of Dreams", what would you tell him ?

Follow your heart ! Metal is not about sound, it is about feeling and we have that. Listen to "Turnaround" and you'll be convinced.

About the promotion of this new CD, what are your projects ? Do you plan to tour ? If yes, where ?

We are a part of Jim Peterik and world stage in chicago on may 18th and a part of the Lokerse Feesten in Brussels on Aug 6th. We are trying to build dates around that one.

Would you have some words for the readers of the french webzine ?

Thank you for your interest in what me and Pride Of Lions are up to. Hopefully you will see the intention in this album. "The roaring of dreams" to deliver the absolute best that we can. 3 months and a lot of sweat. Hope it resonates with you. Keep rocking ! Jim and Toby.

Thanks a lot for accepting this interview and good luck for "The Roaring Of Dreams" promotion.

Thank you back to you ! Jim.