Kosta Zafiriou

Interview date

April 2007



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Hello Kosta and thank you for spending some time for the French webzine So, "In10sity" is your 10th album for 20 years. How can you explain the band's long life with only one change of line-up ?

Very easy said: Respect and fairness. We started as great friends who hung out every day together and shared everything. Meanwhile, some of us have a family, all of us have other obligations besides the band. Nevertheless, a deep friendship and musical respect remained and keeps the whole thing together, I even would say stronger than ever! Another important factor is democracy and fairness in regards to income. In this band, we never had a boss, everybody always was allowed to say his opinion, and every Euro coming in was shared in a fair way, considering the work each individual person brought in. I think these points are the secret of our solid line up.

Why did you add a new guitarist in the line-up?

Alfred, our guitar player, suffers from a neural disease in his hand called Focal Dystonya. This disease limits him in his guitar playing, that's why we took Uwe 3-4 years ago into the live line up of the band. By then already, we told him that on the long run, if we get along musically and personally well, we would offer him to become a steady member of the band. We simply don't like the idea of having a "hired gun" playing in our band!

How could you define "In10sity" in comparison with the other ones?

I guess, the biggest difference is the fact, that during the production we had in mind that we have two guitar players. Automatically, we used guitars in places, where we would had used keyboards in tha past. This made the album a bit rougher and riffier, which was well accepted by fans and media so far.

How is the writing process in PC69? Who write music and lyrics?

Alfred and Dennis wrote the songs for this album, usually Dennis is also contributing a couple songs on our albums. They collect ideas and make demos. The whole band will listen to the ideas and make a priority list of which songs to work on. After this, we work out the details and arrange the songs. Parallel, Dennis and David, who write all the lyrics, will give it some thought about the subject and the hook of the song. This record, also Uwe contributed some riffs and ideas.

I've got the feeling that since "Electrified", the band found the good formula to write powerful melodic hard rock albums. Am I true?

Yes, absolutely! Hardrock with melodic vocals, catchy hooks and powerful guitars is what we can do best!

So, now it's time for doing some promo and excepted the tour with Freedom Call, will you make some gigs in France for example?

Unfortunately there is no concrete plans for France. Nevertheless, we would like to play in Frane, so it's up to the local promoters and festival promoters to invite us to play! Besides the tour with Freedom Call, we have about 10 Festivals and single shows confirmed in Europe so far.

For those who never saw you on stage, can you describe a concert of PC69?

You'll feel the IN10SITY!!!! :-)

David will soon release his solo album, Dennis is now a well-known producer, and you? Do you have any project beside PC69?

My activities are more on the organisation side of the music business: With two partners, I have the management company Bottom Row Promotion, who does the management for Helloween as well. In this position, I travelled most of 2006 around the world with Helloween on their "Legacy" Tour.

Is it true that you might write a second Place Vendome album?

I recently asked Dennis this question, since he was the main songwriter and producer of Place Vendome: Yes, PV was successful and he wants to do a second album, but he needs to have enough time to write good songs first, to sum it up: Yes, but he doesn't know exactly when.

It's the 20th anniversary of the band, so how do you see PC69 in 10 years? Do you think you will still be there?

I don't know to be honest, we don't plan, just kind of let it flow. If you would had asked me 20 years ago if I could imagine to be still in the band 20 years later, I definitely would had said NO WAY!!!!! :-)

Thank you for the time you spent for Do you have some words for our readers?

Keep it up for good music, I hope to see you guys somewhere on a stage!!!!!!!