Interview date

August 2007


Florent P / Yann G


Hi, thanks a lot for accepting this interview for the french metal webzine
"Back to the rythm" has really impressed me, I consider it's your best album. Why did it take so long to be composed and released ?

I left the band for a break in 2000 and the rest of the band disbanded shortly there after. Jack was touring as a solo artist and playing 1 or 2 Great White songs in his show. When the attendance at his shows weren't what he was hoping for he called me and asked if I would come out so he could play more Great White material in his set. That was in 2002. We toured with hired musicians for the next few years. We always wanted and talked about making a record but we didn't want to do it unless it was with original members. Jack called all the guys on the phone and they were all excited about getting together. So that's why it took so long. But once we decided to make a record it didn't take very long. We recorded it in 24 days with no rehearsal. We all wrote songs apart and sent them to each other and worked that way. We jammed the ideas in the studio and just recorded straight away

Do you already have any feedback from the public ? In Europe , Japan and States.

We have heard a few reviews on the new record and it has been positive for the most part.

Did you expect a great success when you were vriting the album ?

We have always made music to please ourselves first. We then get down on our knees and pray everyone else will like it. Hopefully some will hear it. So in answer to your question we are happy with it and to us that is great success.

The album sounds more agressive than the previous one. Was it your will and why ?

We never pre-plan how the songs are going to be on our records. I was living in Utah and had access to a couple of studios and wrote and recorded some riffs that turned out to be Still Hungry, I'm Alive, Just Yesterday and Cold World. I don't really have an answer for why it's a bit heavier.

You have released some great albums but you are still not considered as a major band ? What's the problem ?

I'm always told we are an underrated band. Why, I cannot tell you but it hasn't stopped us from touring and making records for 25 years and there are still people standing in front of the stage at our shows. To have the longevity that we've had, we feel very blessed! We won't consider that a problem unless people stop coming to our shows. The press can say what they want. We are the peoples band.

Do you have any regrets on your career ? What are your best moments ?

I don't really have a lot of regrets because I've learned from the mistakes I've made. I think that Jack and I have had all our hopes and dreams come true many times over. One great moment for me was giving my father his first gold record. He wanted me to be a professional baseball player and wasn't sure I was making the proper career choice. So that was very special.

Jack Russell and Mark Kendall are the soul of the band, what about the rest of the band ?

Michael Lardie is a very important part of the band. He contributes songwriting, he engineers the records and a big part of this bands sound. Sean is a very inventive musical bass player and compliments the songs. Audie is the glue and has a style that is made for this band. Without these guys it wouldn't be Great White.

There is a revival for hard-rock now, it's a good news, no ?

I think there might be a little bit of a resurgence. Enough time seems to have gone by where people are saying, wow these songs from bands from the 80's era are pretty cool and when I hear them it makes me feel good. I think that was part of what made our era so cool is people were out to have fun and forget there troubles. And the music helped them forget the problems and gave people a chance to enjoy themselves and celebrate life.

Which bands and albums are you listening these times ?

I haven't really been listening to much music. I did however pick up Eric Burdons new album, Soul of a Man. It is amazing!!! His voice is in top form and the record is brilliant.

How many albums did Great White sell in its history ? Which album is the best sale until now ?

I think we have sold somewhere around 8 million.

Is Internet good or bad for a band like Great White ? What's your opinion regarding downloading ?

I think the Internet is good in some ways and bad in others. Good that people can find music so easy and download to there ipods and such. Bad because it has forced record stores out of business and big record companies can no longer survive.

How do you plan to promote "Back To The Rhythm" ? Do you have plan for a tour ? Any opportunity to see you live in France ?

The only thing the band does to promote a record is play live. It is up to the record company to exhibit campaign strategies. So that would be a good question for the record companies. We are hoping to get to Europe and tour at the end of the year. Then get to Japan and South America next year. We are going to tour until the wheels fall off.

If you could choose some bands of your dreams to tour with, which bands would you select ?

I would like to go out with ZZ Top. That would be a lot of fun.

Could you give us some reasons to convince people (who don't know the band) from buying your album ?

I am not a very good salesman. I guess I would tell them " Check this out and dig it"

Thanks a lot for this interview, All the best for "Back To The Rhythm".

Peace. Mark Kendall