Interview date

September 2006


Yann G


Thanks Nick for accepting this interview for http://www.auxportesdumetal.com/

First of all, could you please present the band ? A short biography ?

Well my other band KICK was not doing anything so I started looking at starting another band. I spoke to Al Barrow (Magnum) and he was up for it and I had also spoken to Andy Barnet (FM). Anyway Andy had to pull out so Al suggested Vince. He sent me some music for me to listen to which ended up being Love/hate. Al then had to pull out but Vince knew Al and Paul from previous bands and we were put in touch with James by a mutual friend. We record the cd and sent it to a few companies. Some said no and a few said yes. We liked what Majestic had to say and went with them.

You've just released your latest CD "Open Minds" on Majestic Rock Records.
Is it your first official album ?
Can you please tell us more about your discography or demos and misc. projects ?

This is our first recording as EDEN and the first time me and vince wrote/recorded together. Other bands we have been involved with include me singing for KICK and Vince was in Pulse and plays guitar for Magnum singer Bob Catley.

In which musical styles would you describe "Open Minds" ?

We wanted to do a very hard record but with plenty of groove. Audioslave was always a reference point for me when doing it but it took on its own direction and became "Eden". Alot of people mention Led Zepplin as a comparison and Badlands. I have to say that Ray Gillan was a definate influence on me vocally.

The production is amazing. This CD sounds like an extremely professional release, perfectly mixed... It sounds very close to the perfection.
What is your secret ?

Well it all came together real easy. It was recorded at Vinces studio so he knows how to get the best out of it. The music was done first and then we just added vocals and mixed it all together. I think the secret is that we didn't over complicate things and didn't "over produced". Kept it nice and natural.

On some tracks you seem to be very much influenced by Dream Theater. Even the voice sounds sometimes like James Labrie. You seem also to be influenced by bands like Without Warning or Lemur Voice. Am I wrong ?
Can you please tell us more about your influences ?

I have had the James Labrie comparison before. I think it's because we both have quite clear voices and high range. I'm happy to be compared to him. Other influences are Ray Gillan as i mentioned earlier, Chris Cornell and Miles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) is amazing!! I love the Alter Bridge cd. I must admit to not having heard of the 2 bands you mentioned but I'm gonna check them out now.

Up to now, "Open Minds" seems to be very well reviewed by the metal press. How do you explain this success ?

Well we didn't comprimise. We just did what we wanted to do. I think it's different and people are finding it a refreshing change from all the other relases that don't sound too different from each other.

Let's now talk about the design of "Open Minds". The CD cover looks very progressive. What did you want to mean via the cover ?

To be honest we left it in the hands of the artist Rory who did an amazing job. He gave us 2 to choose from but we all loved the one we went with. we all just thought how cool it would look on a t shirt. We wanted something that was striking. I like the fact that a lot of people are finding different points of view on the cover. Is it an angel or an Icaris? Does it tie into Chase the sun? Are they the hands of time?

Which kind of themes do you develop in your lyrics ?

I always try and find positive angles as I am a positive person. I guess there are lots of my own life experience lyrics in there, but also ideas based on stuff you just pick up along the way. "Chase the sun" is about a bloke i know. Every time he has a really shit day, he buys some roses on the way home and stops off somewhere and essentially buries that day in the past. "Chase the sun" is about trying to make it in a band but from the angle of someone who has accepted that they may not make it but are still gonna have fun trying.

Today the distribution of "Open Minds" is very limited. It is even difficult to find it via the Web. It's a pain for such an excellent release ! Do you plan to improve the worldwide promotion and the distribution ?

We find it very frustrating. I have sent countless emails to the record company and made my frustration known. All I can say is if you want the album email us at the bands website http://www.edentheband.co.uk and we can sort one out for you. I hope the availability improves otherwise it's an album that no-one will know about!!!!

What are your future plans ? Do you plan to tour as special guest for a band ? Or do you plan to tour by yourself ? In which areas ?

Well we have done some gigs already in the UK and will playing Zrock in september and also Bloodstock. We are looking at possible tours but have nothing yet.

Do you already have an audience in France ? Do you plan to come to visit us ?

Well I play in Paris a few years ago with KICK but thats it. I would love to get over to you guys and play, so if you know anyone who can make it happen let me know.

Would you have some words for the readers of the webzine?

Please try and get our album, you won't be dissapointed. It's a great way to spend 45 minutes!! Dont forget you can buy it from us at the website. Just send us an email and we can go from there.

Thanks a lot for having taken time for this interview, and again congratulations for the "Open Minds" release.