Interview date

08th October 2007


Ostianne, Damien


DAMIEN would like to thank Roadrunner, Bérangère without whom Martijn wouldn't have been able to reply to their "great questions" and his partner Ostianne.

Why did you choose "Delain" as the band's name and what does it mean for you ?

Good Question ! There is no really a big story about the name 'cause it doesn't mean anything. I can compare to a child. Some parents give a child name which doesn't exist 'cause they just love the name and for me it's exactly the same. I read it in a book of Stephen King (nda The Eyes Of The Dragon) It was a Kingdom there and I just loved the name. Some of these names come from this in the music I made. So it's the story !

Your album has been release a few months ago. Are the different feedbacks from people who have listened to it positive or negative ?

Until now ? France is like best country. Playing in France is always very great. We played in Germany a couple of days and it's less than there. Somehow France is good for Delain. , I don't know why, but it's really satisfied. We're really a young band, and now we play in Zénith. So it's like... It's really great for us

In France, we can read a lot of things about you on the Web, and there is nothing wrong about the band. Did you imagine that you will have success with this first album ?

Good question, I once learn not to have expectations. Because it can be disappointing. You know, without expect we can be surprise and also terrified of course. So I didn't expect anything. I just wanted to make music what concern in my heart that I just love making. I hope that people would enjoy it and it's the biggest compliment you can make. Fortunately It did happened and I'm really grateful for that ! So I didn't expect this at all because I once play with WT. I didn't aim to get the same success. I just wanted to make a good album. (laugh) So I'm very fortunate I think. Grateful! (laugh )

You've already played in the Metal Female Voices Festival and you will play again in few days, what do you think about playing with so many bands which are doing the "same" music?

It's very cool because, you know, that comes audience what is certainly foolish for our music. I also like a lot of bands who play so I will enjoy this other show. Many bands are good so it's really nice to play with them.

You've already played in France, What are your feelings on the French public ?

Good question! I've never had that audience. I don't say that because I'm in France but it's true, it's really true ! The best concert I ever did in my time career included WT period, is Lyon in France, couple of months ago. It was totally crazy. It was like magic in the air. I have totally loved this. Somehow the French audience is totally crazy, in the positive way. For example, in Germany, it's more like... I like the public in this way of course, but it's more like watching, watching... Here, it's more energic! So I totally love this ! (laugh)

You're playing with WT tonight, what do you think about people who are saying that you play the "same" music than them ?

I don't care because I just make the music what is concern of my heart. This people should not forget that I was part of WT. I took my own part with me of course. So the part which was of Wt is now a part of Delain. I don't care if there two or two thousand bands which play this kind of music. I just want make music what is concern of my heart. If people like it, I'm really glad. If they don't like it... I can imagine they say it. But it's cause of my history. I also like this music and I don't care.

Do you already know how your next album will sound ? Do you think you will have more or less guests for it ?

We just start writing again. It's gonna have guest elements in, because for me it feels like a part of Delain. I love to work with different people because it gives a surprise. It makes diversity in our music, in our album. It's not gonna be excessive element of guest cause we are a band now. We will make the next album as a band. But it's gonna have some guest but not in a big role like in the project album Lucidity.

If Charlotte could sing with someone, alive or dead, doing metal or other music... Who would it be ? And why ? Same question for you ?

For Charlotte it would be the singer of Radiohead. She's totally a Radiohead fan. She would be extremely nice if she would sing with him. For me, I also like playing with Nightwish. I speak more about Tuomas ( Holopainen )'s writing stuff. I love to make the music in the same way he does. There's also a correspondence about it. He told me that he likes my music as well so for me, it's like a connection. For me it was really great. So Charlotte likes Radiohead guys to meet and work with, and me, it's Nightwish.

How do you see the band in ten years?

Good one ! I'm not very good to look at the future ! I guess, it's what I hope ! I hope, that people will enjoy our music and that we can play in a lot of countries. I don't know ! Let see what will happen ! I don't expect anything and I just hope for that !

About tonight now, will you play some songs that we don't know ?

No because, they are not ready yet ! ( laugh ). We have like parts. Some are ready, but also we're gonna play it in a very special concert in November ( nda :Zwolle in Netherland, 2th November with Sharon den Adel, Liv Kristine, Guus Einkens and George Oosthoek ). Then, theparts will be finished and we will play them. But unfortunately, the are not finished so we can't play them now.

Will we have some surprise tonight, with Sharon coming singing with you ?

Good chance ! I'm gonna ask her in a half and a hour if she feels good. She's family, and I'm very careful with her. Sometimes she's very tired so sometimes I don't even ask her because I want her to perform her own show as good as possible. But I think there's a good chance, and let see what will happen !