Interview date

August 2007




Hello David, thank you for taking part to this interview for the french metal webzine "http://www.auxportesdumetal.com".

First of all, can you give us some information about your solo career ? What was your motivation to create a disc of your own ?

I decided a while back it was time to make a Solo Album, its just something I had always dreamed -of doing. Yes I'm very happy with it, of course there are things I would do different, but that's the way it will always be. You have to know when the moment comes when its finished.

A few words about the collaborators involved in your album; Who are they and how did you come to work with them ?

I had Dirk Bruinenberg on Drums who I had worked with on the Adagio Albums, I was very impressed back then in the studio, and I knew he was the man for the job. Great guy too! Chris Schmidt, had just recorded with Dennis Ward the Sunstorm Album with Joe Lynn Turner, and he had been a good friend of the band for years. Bass that came about as I had met Paul Logue over the Net and we had talked of my Solo Album. I sent him over the Net some Mp3's and he Jammed along with them. Guitar was not so simple, I had worked with Uwe but I didn't want too much involvement with the Guys from the band, as it was to be my solo effort, so after a moment of clarity. I sent a mail to Alex Beyrodt, he loved the idea and started work started right away. Next stop was Tommy Denander, recommended by Paul Logue, after he had played a solo on Love In Vain. I just knew he had to play on Long Way to Heaven. The Keys were clear that Günter Werno would have to be there, and Eric Ragno had sent me a mail that we had met at the Prog-Power in the Atlanta, and he would love to jam some songs. Once again it was time to send some tracks over the Internet.

What's about your writing process ?

I mainly make demos on my computer in my studio, that's the way I work these days, you can change things so easy, its great. It would be cool to jam with a band but that never worked for me. As I have always written songs for Pink Cream 69 and other projects, the writing side wasn't a big deal. Some of the songs date back to the Demo I sent Pink Cream 69 all those years ago, to apply as Singer in the band. I guess the hardest part was working with other people, some guys have studios at home and know how to record themselves very well. Some people are just starting out and need more time to get the job done, that's why I wrote organising on the credits, as it was months of checking mails, downloading, and checking stuff in my studio. Without the Internet it would have been impossible.

In this album, there is one special track called New Messiah in which you undoubtedly pay a tribute to Jimi Hendrix ? What was the reason of writing such a song?

Oh yes indeed, this is my tribute, as a kid I would buy his albums and try to copy his guitar playing, even today if I catch a show on TV I'm still amazed by his playing. A lot of players from today who concentrate on playing clean, have lost the whole reason about playing Guitar. For me singing is a direct connection to the soul, playing Guitar is almost the same except you have to teach you fingers to understand, what you mean. And that's the hard part. Guitar is a very important part of a song, a good riff is everything....

Can you tell us more about your musical inspirations ? What are the bands you usually listen to ?

I listen to lots of stuff, Im not one track minded, I of course love heavy guitars !

Out of sheer curiosity, what is the life of a Metal Singer like ? Do you have a special way to practice ?

Well as I teach people to sings Im working everyday with my voice, for me its seems to be more easy theses days to sing, as Im working everyday. You have to be very carefull not to get a cold, that is bad !

According to you, the music in this album should rather be related to the Heavy Metal genre or to the Glam Metal one ?

I wanted to make a record that anybody, can listen too. Even if there not a rock fan, even for some its still heavy, these days there's so much blood and noise music, of course my album sounds more melodic, and less complicated...

Do you plan to tour in France soon ?

I hope so I loved the tour with Adagio, meeting the French people, lets see !

In my opinion, this album is amazing ! However, one can pity the lack of musical experimentation and originality of some tracks. what is your own critical view of the album ?

Who is original these days ?

Are you planning new projects in the near future?

Yes Im working with Alex Beyrodt from Silent Force....