Interview date

Mars 2009




Interview Rob Arnold

How would you present this album? Compared to your others?

RA: All of our albums have a different feel and vibe, and represent a different time period in the Chimaira realm. This one represents our band at a relaxed state, where we could sit back and write the heaviest and most groove orientated record of our career.

Where did you record it? With who?

RA: We decided to stay at home in Cleveland and record with our long time friend and producer Ben Schigel, at Spider Studio. We enjoyed our experience with Jason Suecof while making Resurrection, but this time we just wanted to be able to sleep in our own beds at night, and we knew that things would be top notch with Ben.

How long did the recording last?

RA: We spent about 8 weeks recording, and then about 3 weeks mixing and mastering. So almost 3 months in total.

What is your process of writing?

RA: Its different for each record we make, but for this record, Mark and I wrote the first 7 songs on the bus during the last tour of the Resurrection cycle, and then we wrote the rest of the tunes back at our practice spot with the rest of the band after the tour. Usually we start with a certain riff that sounds appealing, and then we build from there. A lot of it is spontaneous, because sometimes after hearing a certain part come together, it inspires us to write the next part, or take the song to a new level

What are the Infection's lyrics about?

RA: I can't really say, because Mark comes up with everything concerning the lyrics. But I imagine that they're probably about something pretty cool.

If you had to choose few words to describe the Infection, which ones would you choose?

RA: Brutal, ultra heavy, punishing, groovtastic, timeless

Will there be a DVD for the Infection?

RA: Yes, the special edition comes with a feature DVD that documents the recording process. We're also in the process of creating a massive DVD package for 2010 release. Its going to be killer!

What do you expect, in the current conditions, for the sales of the album?

RA: I honestly cannot speculate in these uncertain times.

What do you think about your work since the beginning of your career?

RA: I'm very pleased with all that we've accomplished. I had no idea as a youth that my career in music would ever come this far. Having a successful band, my own signature series ESP guitars, and an instuctional DVD has been a dream come true.

If you had to change one of your Cd's, which would be?

RA: We've never been completely happy with the way our first record, Pass Out of Existence, turned out sonically. So if I could go back and remix it, I would

Many bands take your music as a starting point, how do you feel about this?

RA: Its amazing and incredible that we've become an influential band for young musicians.

Chimaira's music is compared to Dark Tranquillity's one or other bands in the same kind. Do you agree with this kind of parallel?

RA: No. While I respect DT as musicians, I feel that we sound nothing alike. I'm sure they would agree.

How do you see the future of the band?

RA: Because I can't see into the future, all I can do is hope that we'll be extremely successful

Are you going to summer fests in Europe?

RA: We have plans to come to Europe for the summer festivals, but I'm not sure which ones yet.