Stream of Passion

Interview date

Mai 2009




Interview Marcela Bovio

Hi Marcela, thanks to answer to "Aux Portes du Metals'" questions!

My pleasure!

You recorded your first album thanks to the Internet. How did you work for this one?

In the beginning of the writing process I was still living in Mexico, so at first the process was actually somewhat similar to how we did it for the first album. I would write the basics of a song and then send it through the Internet to the rest of the guys. The big difference came when I moved to Holland last year, and then we could actually get together as a band, rehearse and work on all the details of the songs.

What does "The Flame Within" mean? Is it a way of speaking about what makes us stronger and helps us to move on?

Exactly! It's the inner drive that keeps us going after our goals and dreams. It's a concept that comes back in a few of the songs, so we decided it would be a suited title for the album.

According to me, "The Flame Within" is catchier than "Embrace the Storm". Was it a natural evolution for you or you wanted to affirm the "new" Stream of Passion?

Our biggest goal was to make a more live orientated album, actually. After playing live quite a few times we realized how much we enjoy it and that we really like shedding some energy on stage; so one of our starting points from this album was indeed write songs that were heavier, more band orientated and more suited for an energetic live show.

You don't have the same compositor on "The Flame Within" and "Embrace the Storm". You must not have the same inspirations so, which are yours?

A few bands I can remember inspired me on the way are Muse, The 3rd and the Mortal, Keane, Katatonia, Rammstein, In Flames, Elisa, Dave Holland, My Dying Bride, Melissa auf der Maur. I like to listen to as many different kinds of music as possible, you never know what you can discover out there!

What are your different states of mind when you write a song like "All I Know" which is a ballad and a song like "Now or ever" which is a metal one?

"Now or never" I wrote at a point when I was trying to encourage myself to go after my goals and overlook complications and problems on the way, so at that moment I was in a more uplifting state of mind for instance. A song like "All I know" is more intimate and fragile, so I tend to go to a more introspective state.

You are a violin player; we can listen to you on Stream of Passions' compositions. Why did you choose to learn this instrument and what does it bring to you?

The violin is full of emotions, it can portray so many different things. I love the different feelings you can produce with it, and I really enjoy playing some lines live as well.

"Street Spirit" is a Radiohead cover. What does this band and this song represent to you?

Radiohead is a band I've always admired for being innovate and unique, they've always known how to break the mould not only music wise but also on the way they present themselves and their music. "Street spirit" is such a powerful song; the original is very mellow and emotionally contained, so we thought it would be cool to just let all those emotions explode in our rendition of the song.

On "The Flame Withins'" cover there is a disc with Romans' number around a girls' head. What is the symbolism of this figure?

I can't give a good explanation for that! It was part of the creation of Gustavo Sazes, who made the artwork for the album. He's a very talented designer from Brazil, we shared our ideas of the music and the concept behind the album with it and he created the art for us; we were immediately astonished by his first version of it, he did a wonderful job!

You've made a video-clip (Passion) to promote "Embrace the Storm". Do you plan to promote "The Flame Within" with a new one? And to your mind, which song would represent the best your new album?

There are no concrete plans of making a video clip yet. As to which song would represent the best the new album I really don't know; it's hard for me to choose from one of them since they all have a special meaning for me.

Do you still have contacts with the formers bands' members?

Yes, we keep in touch with them from time to time. It was nice for instance to show Arjen our new work; he's always been very supportive and enthusiast with the new songs, that's really great to hear.

There are a lot of talented bands with a female singer that come from the Netherlands. How do you explain that?

I think it could be in great part because of the appreciation the audience here has for this style of music. And for my part I just think it's great to see so many talented women making heavy music, I've always been a fan of women in rock and metal.

You already release a DVD and a CD live after your first record. Was it a real bands' desire or a labels' one?

The idea came more from the fact that we didn't know at the time if we were going to continue with the band after our first tour. So at the time it made great sense to record a DVD and immortalize those moments in video.

Next October, you will play at the MFVF (Metal Female Voices Festival). What does it represent to you to play in a festival like this one?

It's great! We're really happy to have the opportunity to play at MFVF; some of the most successful and talented bands in the genre have played there, so it's great to form part of that group.

You already came in France (2nd February 2006, in Paris). What did you think about the French audience?

I loved playing in France, the people were great and the atmosphere was unique. We had two shows, in Paris and in Strasbourg, and they were both a lot of fun!

You will mostly tour in the Netherlands this year. Do you plan to visit others countries to promote this album?

Definitely, we're looking into planning some dates also around Europe. Hopefully we can bring out good news soon.

Finally do you want to say something else to end this interview?

Just a big "salut" and "merci beaucoup" to all of you good people in France who support us! I hope we can meet again soon on stage over there.