Interview date

Novembre 2009




Interview Frost

First, two questions about Satyricon's music news if it’s possible and after we will talk about the concert ?

Yes , let's go !

The Age of Nero is your latest album (2008), maybe it's too early to say but what are your projects for Satyricon's future?

When we are done with the tour we are going to take a short break ,we need to rest because we are on tour for a long time and even if it's a exciting life it is so exhausting we need to rest , to take some distance from the passion of the tour . And when we are ready for it after a couple weeks or months we will start working on creating material for the next album, it will be exiting and we have some good ideas, I think it's high time we started a new process and start to write a new chapter in Satyricon's history , because The Age of Nero is included in a triology album , we had some goals witch we have reached with The Age of Nero now it’s time to take Satyricon to a different level and a very different place, so changes are on the way for Satyricon after this tour .

It's good it's a great news ! Your band has just two permanent members but you work with many musicians, can you reveal some names for the next album, a new line-up maybe ?

Naturally Satyricon is basicly one unit that works creating music; it's Satyr and me, in addition to that we have a live band and for Satyr and me it is a very hard organization, we had been in the band for many many years and other people really are members of the live band they are not some consolation musicians , they have the status of musician, we are a unit and we are seen as a unit when we travel. We have probally to make some changes on the live band after the touring for The age of Nero will be over. In all cases we used to invite musicians for the last album that we made and it's very possible that we have to do it again but we haven’t really decided who they might be or what we need from them, we will start to write and we will see what quid of people we like to include into the process and what quid of people have the skull that we are looking for. For The Age of Nero, Snorre Ruch from Thorns was there with us, acting like a populace in the process, he did really write any musical material but it was an outside person for Satyricon, he search to testing music, where we wanted to go with the music and sometimes he could listen to what we had made and he could say, "try to make it like that" and we built up around it and we tried that and it was really very well, Snorre is a really powerful person, he helped us to write and create The Age of Nero. Possibly we will have to have some people like Snorre on the next album but it’s not something that we have decided yet, we have just to start working and see how things develop .

For a few months, you've been on the road in the USA and Canada ? what do you think of the American fans? Good ambiance? Great headbangers?

I think that American's fans have positive and negative points it depend, they are sure different from the Europeans, personaly what I like about American fans it's that they attend to interact with the band, it is much easier and they really, you know just kick out the music. But they know nothing about Satyricon's history, they know nothing about the country where we come from they go there and even if they know nothing about the band, they check, if they like or they hate, they are really responsive. Canadian's fans are more like European fan group !

In one week you are beginning the European Tour for Satyricon, on this Tour you are with Dark Forterest , Negura Bunget and Shining . What about this groups , very short ?

I don't really know Negura Bunget because I am not very familiar with their music, but I know that there are on the road for a long time and they have a name, for more than ten years I have not heard them, I don't remember them well. Dark Forterest and Shining (Sweden) are more familiar, I heard several songs from Shining and I really like it , it's a quite interesting band and I have a lot of respect for them. And Dark Forterest is a band we have played some shows with in Germany on a earlier European tour. I heard an album from Dark Forterest, it’s really something, quite promessing. It's the best band I have heard in Germany for years, they are powerful ! It will be a great tour.

Your second performance is taking place in Paris at the Trabendo which is a really small stage you know ?

I have heard it , I have never been there , I guess that La Locomotive is history now.

Your latest show was in Paris in November 2008? One year later you're back? Are you excited about returning in France? Is there something you really like in France?

Yes, playing in Paris is always something special. The first time than we played outside of Norway it was in Paris in a club if I remember well : Le Gibus( laught). I remember the excitement around that show. That's why all shows in Paris are very special we have always a good reponse, it's gonna be exiting to play in another club in Paris than La Locomotive who is the place where we always played in that city and I guess La Locomotive doesn't exist anymore and that is the reason why we are playing in another club this time. What I like in Paris is the Paris audience, I expect a lot from them and in return they expect a lot from Satyricon  I guess and I believe that they will create a relly magic evening. I'm sure we gonna do that !

To conclude, on the 4th December you're performing at the Tabendo for a unique concert in France. What would you say to the the French fans who are waiting for this great event?

I hope to see many of them and that even if Satyricon has a long way to travel, it's fine because playing in France has been better and better for Satyricon over years !