Interview date

Mai 2009




Interview Renato Osorio

My column on "Aux Portes du Metal" was denouncing a striking unfairness: There's too much bands, which are anonymous nevertheless they have an obvious know-how, and the success is not always for bands, which are the more deserving. What do you think about this point of view? Does your album begin to be known, as it deserves in Brazil? And in this case, how was it welcome in your country?

I totally agree with this point of view. I guess that sometimes it is a matter of luck...a matter of being in the right place, at the right time. Our album is getting known at slow steps in Brazil. Here in South Brazil, were we live, we did a lot of gigs, so the metal bangers are more familiar with the name Magician.

In Brazil, how many chances do we have to have success when we are in a metal band?

Almost none. In Brazil we have 2 mainstream bands that were formed in the late 80's and early 90's (Sepultura and Angra), and the media doesn't get attention to new bands. Even the audience prefers bands from Europe and USA. Some years ago it was totally different, but I think right now is not the best time for metal in Brazil.

When I was listening to "Tales of the Magician", I found there was a family likeness with the first records of Angra... What do you think about that?

Of course we're all Angra fans, especially from the first albums. If there are some Angra influences in "Tales of the Magician", it was not intentional. Maybe because we're both brazilian bands and we also do "Progressive Power Metal", or something like that. But I can say that we listen to a lot of bands, and different kinds of music, since classical to all genres of metal and even Brazilian music that influenced us in some harmonies.

When we listen to your new album, we are impressed: there's a real technical mastery and a remarkable homogeneity. Since how many times do you play the music together, and did you play a lot on stage before recording your album?

We formed the band in 2000, and started to write these songs in 2001. During this time we did a lot of gigs here in South Brazil, some of them as opening acts for great names as Helloween, Symphony X, Shaman & others. So we played these songs a lot 'till the recording of the album in 2006.

The production is not bad, on the contrary! Was it difficult to contact Dirk and Kai in order to ask them to help you in project?

We recorded the entire album in 2006. At the end of the production, we didn't know where or how we were going to mix and master the album. I saw an announcement that Kai, Dirk and Arne Lakenmacher had a new studio (High Gain Studios) and we decided to send them an e-mail. Later, we sent them some songs and record projects...they approved and loved the songs since the beginning. After that we did all contacts by phone and skype, and even with their tight schedule (they got a lot of gigs and other stuff at the time), and all the stops in the mix, I think the result was great.

In spite of the fact that my English vocabulary isn't that developed, I did understand "Tales of the Magician" is a concept-album, which, describe a journey of a magician who goes by the name of Zhaldor. Can you tell me more about it?

The whole thing of making a concept album has to do with the books Elizandro Max (bassist) was reading, and recordings that we were listening to, at the time of the making of the first songs of the album. In the beginning, it was just a coincidence, but when we recorded the demo, Elizandro noticed there was something common underlying the songs, and it could be better exploited. The story is about a mage who see his homeland being again menaced by a demon that was thought to be under control, and about his struggle to restore the harmony. And for the rest, I think it's better let the fans to find out...

Which are your plans now? Do we will have the chance to see you one day in France?

Right now we are writing new songs and preparing a new album to be released soon. If you like "Tales of the Magician", all I can say is that this new one is getting better! The song and melodies are killer, and the guitar riffs also. The band and the record company Dockyard1 have plans for an European tour, but first we want to release the new album and see how will be the reaction to Europe.

Thanks to you to have given me some of your time. And I hope you will have all the success you deserve and "long life to Magician" !

Thank you so much for this opportunity. We hope to be in France soon to drink some beers with you guys! If you want to know more about us, access or There are some songs, videoclips, lots of photos and stuff about the band. If you like, buy the album! Cheers and Stay Metal!