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Mars 2010




Interview Jessica Thierjung

"Paranoid Circus" is your third album but you are not really well known in France and with the webzine approach, can you present Lyriel?

We are from Germany near Cologne. Lyriel was formed in autumn of 2003. Oliver, Sven and Dani had been in a band called "Sorrowsend". Oliver decided to found a side project with me and the other Sorrowsend-members joined the new project. We chose to add some other instruments and Lyriel was born. The most bands would tell, that the music can’t be categorized so easily. And we join this. Lyriel is a little bit Celtic, Rock and Metal, with female vocals and with real cello and violin.

Your two first albums have been remastered in one package. Why?

After the breakup with our first label, we received the rights of the albums back. The problem was that the first albums were sold out and no further pressings were produced. As there was a big demand, we decided to make them available again and the idea of "The first chapters" arises. We also take the opportunity to re-master both albums cause we weren't so happy with the old masters.

The artwork of "Paranoid Circus" is special and different of "Prisonworld" and "Autumnal" ones. What does it mean?

We decided "Paranoid Circus" to be the album title very early. Therefore we could design the artwork especially onto this theme. Moreover we liked the idea to create something different and fresh beside the typical dark covers in this genre.

On your song "The Opening", there are three languages: English (as your for the other songs), German (your mother tong) and French. Why French?

We thought of the typically welcome-phrases which are well known all over the world. Something that introduces the listeners, like in a circus. As our cellist, Linda, speaks a little bit French, we used this language as well.

Three of you have written the music and the lyrics. How do you work and do all the members can bring new elements for a song?

We never work as a whole on our songs. Olli is composing the most songs so far. Sometimes Linda and Martin also compose a song or sometimes just ideas. Bit by bit a song will be complemented from Olli and Martin primarily. Normally the lyrics will be written for one song from one person only. But sometimes another one brings new ideas or inspirations if needed. Then we begin to play the new song with the whole band.

According to me, "Paranoid Circus" is heavier than "Prisonworld" and "Autumnal". What did happen to your music?

"Paranoid Circus" sounds mellower. The first two albums were more an expedition of our own style and sound. Something what can be recognised with Lyriel. Our music gets more folk-influences and less of the Middle Ages. "Paranoid Circus" sounds modern and different as "Autumntales" or "Prisonworld".

The photoshoot for "Paranoid Circus" is more sophisticated than for the others albums. Do you think it's the reflection of the evolution of your music?

This was our first professional photo shoot and therefore I think it's the reflection of the evolution of the whole band. We noticed a big interest of lots of people all over the world and it became clear, that something special needs to be created.

According to you, what are the strengths of Lyriels' music?

Our sound concept does not fit into any scheme. We like to play different styles, but without losing the original Lyriel style. That's why different kind of people, at every age like our music. That gives us the opportunity to play at different types of events, festivals, and concerts. In addition we are able to play all our songs in an acoustic-version.

On your first album, there is a song in Sindarin. Do the literature, films, and the imaginary world still inspire you?

Partially our music is inspired of the fantasy world. I think we all are little Tolkien-fans but not fanatic. It was just an idea and the "speech" sounds very interesting.

What is interesting in you music, it is that you can do a folk song, a ballad, some happy sounds with the violin, and real metal songs. How do you do to be heterogeneous as you are?

We try to create a new concept for every release, based on our style. We always try to enhance our style and music. The possibilities and ideas are unlimited.

A lot of band don't appreciate comparison with others bands, but you, in your biography, you say you are a mixture from Blackmore's Night, Within Temptation and Nightwish. Why do you cite other bands to definite your own style?

We also don't appreciate this. These comparisons were created of the press from the beginning of Lyriel. Because our style is difficult to describe, we chose these bands to describe the direction of music.

You are looking for distributors in some countries. May my question be stupid, but why didn't you sign with a record company as Napalm Records or Massacre Records, which cover a lot of countries?

Due to the legal conflict with our first label, we don't had a lot of time to find a new one so close to the release of "Paranoid Circus". The label "Femme Metal Records" gave us a rapid offer for a one album release which we decided to agree with.

With hindsight, do you think you did all the good choices for Lyriel or do you have some regrets?

We have regrets, such as the problems occurred with our first label. It's also a shame that the band members changed several times now even though each new band member has become a valuable part of the band.

In six/seven years, you've released three albums and a DVD, you did some festivals, you played with band such as Xandria, Elis, Saltatio Moris and many more. How do you see Lyriels' future?

It would be great, to become such famous as for example "Within Temptation" and that our fan-community will become bigger all over the world.

Will we have the chance to see you in festivals and will you tour this year or is it to early to say something about it?

We hope that we can present "Paranoid Circus" via a tour but nothing is fixed, yet. To date, we have some live gigs confirmed.

Are there festivals or counties you'd love and dream to play?

It would be great to play at: Wacken Open Air, Rock am Ring, Wave Gothik Treffen, Metal Female Voices Fest. Altogether we would love to play all over the world.

What are your plans for the upcoming months?

A lot of promotion activities for "Paranoid Circus"!

And finally thank you for your time, it's up to you, you can say everything you want !!

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