The Darkness


04 Mars 2020


Blaster & Bane

Interview Frankie Poullain (by email)

Let’s start with a few questions about your latest release : "Easter is Cancelled". It is quite a strange title for the album… What does it mean ?

The album title makes sense in conjunction with the artwork - Easter is cancelled because there is no crucifixion and therefore no resurrection.

And does Rock’n’Roll really deserve to die as it is stated in the first song from this record ?

Not if rock bands take a step or two outside their comfort zones, for example all going bald for the sake of a music video.

You recently played "Easter Is Cancelled" entirely… Do you really think it’s that good ;) ?! Is it a statement, as to declare that this is your greatest achievement and deserves its own set ?

It was a risk but I feel it has been vindicated as the reception has been incredible and ticket sales are going up and up. We really believe in this album.

There’s something really "Monty Pythonesque" about this album's cover. Had you watched "The Life Of Brian" before deciding on what artwork you were going to have this time ?

It’s a mix of various influences, most of which are English and Italian - Chiara Mazoni, our Italian sleeve designer, realised the vision beautifully.

Talking about it… have you had some backlash and difficulties releasing the album in some parts of the world because of its artwork ? Or has everyone been very open-minded and tolerant about it (and understood the humour in it) ?

The Americans are a little sensitive, as are some Polish catholics, but we feel the sentiment is a loving and positive one.

And about album covers in general, can you name some artwork that you would consider among your favorites of all times ?

The Pogues ‘Rum, Sodomy and the Lash’ was an influence and is a nice cover. Marvin Gaye ‘What’s Going On’ is perfection to me, that raincoat.

Now, about music. What is your opinion about the current hard rock world ?

I have no idea what’s going on, unlike Marvin.

And about the music world in general, with the presence of downloading or streaming platforms ?

No problem at all if it helps you reach your audience. If they like what they hear they’ll come to a show.

A few years ago (when "Last Of Our Kind" was released, I think), I remember reading an interview in which Dan was actually saying that there were no new bands that he really liked and wanted to go on tour with… has this situation changed since then ?

A little yes, but generally speaking we do exist in a bubble as a band, which can be a good or bad thing.

So many rock legends have left us over the years… If you could bring some of them back from the dead to work with you, who would you choose ?

They’re dead for a reason and I’m not a fan of hypotheticalism. This is our reality here and now.

You finally put out your first live album recently, something your fans had been waiting a long time for… but no DVD yet. Why is that ? Are you afraid the world’s not ready for so much visual sexiness ?

Logistics really, there will be a documentary coming soon though so people can feast their eyes on us then.

Are you planning on releasing one in the near future ?

Eventually yes.

About the documentary mentioned above, it has been in the making for years, If I’m not mistaken… Is it ready now ? How do you think it’s going to be released ?

It should be completed by the end of the year, I’m a bit nervous about it as we have no control over it, but that will make it more meaningful.

Many people have compared The Darkness with Queen over the years. When you decided to hire Rufus (Roger Taylor’s son for those who don’t know) to play the drums, was there a little provocation there ?

None whatsoever, it just fell into place.

Talking about drummers, you’ve had a few… is this part of a tribute to the movie "Spinal Tap" ;) ?

Why not? That movie deserves every tribute it gets.

Very important question now : what is the secret of Justin’s marvelous moustache ?

The same secret as Frankie’s moustache - a heady mix of virility and insecurity.

What’s in the plans for The Darkness in 2020… and what can we wish you for this year (I think we’re not too late for that) ?

A never ending banquet where every flower reveals itself.

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