19 Juin 2015



Interview Tom Angelripper

Hi Tom and thank you for accepting this interview with « Aux Portes Du Metal »! Congratulations for the performance, it was awesome.

Hi, nice to meet you.

Let’s talk about your last issue. Your EP Sacred Warpath, which includes one new song and three live versions, came out last year. How did this idea come out?

We wanted to issue something old school. We thought this new song was a good completion of these three songs recorded live, in a very good quality.

The production is very different from Epitome of Torture, much more old school and atmospheric (delay on the voice) and reminds me your black metal influences. Was it a conscious choice?

Yes, we wanted to recreate the proper old school sound. We love old school metal like Venom and Motörhead. There was an amazing general enthusiasm at that time. People were coming to concerts and they were true fans and they wanted to hear true metal. That’s what we try to recreate with Sodom.

Lyrics are very powerful, with beautiful rimes. Do you think lyrics are under exploited in metal?

I don’t know. I try to write the best lyrics I can. Maybe some bands don’t give so much attention to it but I prefer them to be as powerful as the music. It’s like the artwork. The artist who made the cover of Sacred Warpath also made the pictures that were on stage. The warriors… Beautiful. We love this artist.

Now I have a tricky question. What is your favorite Sodom song ?

Oh yeah, that’s a hard one… (Hesitating) Yes, that’s hard to say… I think it would be City Of God maybe? I’m not sure. It’s too difficult.

You played it today. It was great !

Yes, people always like it.

I’ve read on a blog that you may work on a new collaboration with Kreator and Destruction. Is it true or is it false, or is it classified information?

It’s complicated, very complicated. We don’t have so much time. Kreator are very different. Then, you know, one band is touring, the other is recording, then it’s the other way around… I would enjoy it but it is very complicated.

Do you listen to some new metal bands?

Oh man, I wish but I really don’t have the time. I am always busy.

And other genres than metal, maybe?

No, to be honest, I listen to old school metal. That’s our music.

You were formed in 1982. After thirty three years playing around, have you seen some changes in the metal world?

Absolutely. The people. Now, it is so big. They play metal on radio. When we began, it was so underground. Only the true fans were coming to our shows. Now, there are so many people. Look at this festival! It’s huge.

So… You’re saying metal is becoming too mainstream ?


You usually play covers during concerts, of Venom or Motörhead songs. Can we hope for a compilation of covers one day?

Oh, we never thought about it. It could be an idea though. However, we have other plans right now. We are recording a new album.

Great news! Could you tell us more about it?

Of course! All the pre production is done. It’s gonna be great. It’s really nice, now, because the label leaves us the time to do the things properly. There is no rush. We can really get the sound we want with the engineer.

Speaking of sound engineers, do you have your own coming with you during tours or do you work with the local ones?

Today, we worked with the one working in Hellfest. I think local engineers fit better the job because they are used to the place.

Are you gonna come and see some other bands today?

Yes, absolutely. I don’t know which ones yet.

Really… Are you gonna be in the crowd?

Oh no, we have special seats. It’s too bad. I miss being in the crowd and enjoying the concerts. But now, the people know me. They want to take the picture and everything, you know. It’s not possible anymore…

Indeed, you are a rockstar!

No, I’m not a rockstar and I don’t want to be one. Otherwise, I would be in a hotel with three chicks around me (laughs)! I am just a musician playing his music. That’s all.

Thank you very much for this interview and have a good day in Hellfest.

I say hi to all the fans! Have a good day too.