Cavalera Conspiracy


21 Juin 2015



Interview Iggor Cavalera (face to face)

Hi, Iggor, it’s an honor to meet you. I saw you live several times in Sepultura, back in 1993 on the Chaos AD tour; then in 1998 in Paris with Derek, in San Francisco at the Fillmore as Cavalera Conspiracy.


Pandemonium came out about a year ago. Can you tell us how you feel about this record, now that it’s been played in front of thousands of fans?

It’s great because it’s always the real test of a record when you play it live. And every time we play the songs live, it’s crazy. We kinda knew how we wanted to play the songs live. We are really having a great time translating the record into the show. It’s been really cool. There’s been some time for the people to know the songs, so when you play them the people are really familiar with the music.

Did you notice any particular song that gets the people truly responsive?

Well, we’re getting an amazing response from all the songs we put in the setlist. Actually, the title track of course Babylon is the one that truly stands out.

You’ve been touring South America, now it’s Europe. Can you tell us about the tour?

It’s crazy man. We went all the way to Central America. We did like El Salvador, Guatemala, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay. Places like we’ve never been before even back in the days with Sepultura. It was amazing, we also played Nicaragua. Crazy places.

The people there must have been crazy about seeing you guys.

Yes, it was really cool. After that you come to Europe and play some festivals of course like this. We also did Download in England.

Are you booked all the way through December?

Not really. Max has to do some stuff with Soulfly and I have to do some with Mixhell, my other project. And maybe, hopefully, by the end of the year we can do another run of Europe with Cavalera.

Is it the first time you’ve played at Hellfest?

No, it’s the third time as Cavalera Conspiracy.

Are you already working on new songs?

No, we have ideas that Max and I are talking about. But no new songs yet. Usually, we do that right when we go in the studio.

Any plans of releasing an EP in between?

That’s one of the ideas. Something like a three-song EP. Me and Max are developing this idea. Maybe we’ll do it towards the end of the year.

Sepultura, Soulfly, so many projects. How do you explain such a longevity?

We love music, that’s it.

And you’re good at it.

I mean, a lot of people are good at it. Some have success, some others not so much. But for me, the meaning of success is that: being me and my brother together playing music that we would like to hear. That’s very important. We think as a fan before we do that as musicians.

How do you find yourself as a drummer, being able to challenge yourself more than you did already?

Drumming is all about learning. I never stop learning. Everyday I go onstage, I try new things. I try to play differently. When I watch other bands, I watch the drummer to learn what he's doing. That’s keeping my spirit alive as a drummer. I never conform.

Thanks Iggor and enjoy Hellfest.